Thursday, July 11, 2013

End of an Era

So, hi.

You're probably wondering what happened and where to go from here.

The truth is that most of us have outgrown this. The gurus are too self aware and don't provide the lulz they once used to. It's gotten a bit stale and MoarFail has run it's course.

I know that Fat Natalie, Kailyn and the other lurking fails are creaming themselves right now because they feel like they've won. This blog will remain open as an archive and will still appear every time their names are Googled. The internet will never forget about their scandals and fails. Hi, future employers!

Other blogs will pop up to pick up where we've left off, just as Moarfail did when Unkn0wncritic died.

This is it. We're done.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Natasha Neagle is at it again!

Natasha and Nick Neagle from Maryland are scamming yet again! Fatasha is mysteriously paralyzed and is asking for $10,000 in donations for medical bills. She forgot to mention how creditors are after her and Nick and are trying to garnish their wages. Fatasha has insurance, so wouldn't that cover most of her medical bills? The Neagles have also been splurging all year buying expensive items. The Neaglets each got new computers for Christmas. But now they're broke and need money.

Donation Page:

It all started when Natasha Neagle aka FatNat started spamming her IG with pictures of her amberlamps rides and being in the ER. Natasha reported being paralyzed from the waist down and doctors rushing medical tests to figure out what was wrong.

But through all of this, we have to give her some credit. She has stayed pretty neutral and calm throughout this event and only has concern over missing her beloved Internet connection and True Blood. Yeah, because being paralyzed and in the hospital is no big deal!

However, Natasha has expressed some grief over medical bills and how selfish people can be for not donating to her cause.
So they set up a donation page which currently has around $1,000.00 out of the $10,000.00 they are willing to accept from friends, family, fans, readers, and viewers.

Natasha is now at a Rehab Center for Spinal Injuries.

This is the most current update from Nick, Natasha's husband.
But this attention seeking is no surprise to some of us on the interwebs. Natasha is the same girl who was found seeking a young girl for her & her hubby to "satisfy Nat's womanly touch needs" on the Internet. Natasha's nipple was also one of the TMI information that was found, and she raged when her personal information was found and released, including public records.

This girl is fierce and can certainly afford a lawyer!

The records stating the Neagles are in debt.
Moar records.

But let's keep in mind that Natasha has had surgery before.

She's clearly not new to this, and hopefully covered by her husband's insurance right?

Even her husband Nick has had knee surgery! According to a simple Google search, knee surgeries range from $2,000 to $10,000- but most insurances cover them.

But even before and after these surgeries (and in general), the Neagles have been able to splurge on several items.

Nat has even been able to keep adding tattoos!

It also appears that Nick currently has had no problem buying $40 arrangements for his wife.

So is this donation page to pay off debt? Or to truly help Natasha and her mystery diagnosis?


Welcome Back!

Well, the other blog didn't last long. MoarFail is back!

P.s. Kailyn Wilcher started blogging again. Sounds like a 9 year old runs her fail blog.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

RIP MoarFail

There is a new blog!

MoarFail is staying up as an archive, like UC. All the Kai drama is safe!  Go to the new blog to comment. This is the only way to get new mods without risking MF being deleted and all the years of Kai drama disappearing.

If that blog doesn't work out, everyone can come back here. Just email me if comments need to be turned back on.

Bai everyjuan!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Kristin Smith is at is again!

Kristin Smith (born March 30, 1989) AKA "Kalel Cullen"; otherwise known as the self-proclaimed girlfriend of Anthony from SMOSH, has once again given us something to laugh about.

This week Kristin, being her usual self, has decided for the millionth time to abandon yet another youtube channel. Doesn't that remind you of someone else we know? *cough* Kai *cough*

Kalel has been through at least 5 youtube channels since she started including QueenBeeuty, KalelCullenTV, kalelnkabuki, Cozplai, cozplaisensei and Wonderlandwardrobe. If that's not enough, she has now started a new daily vlogging channel with Anthony (we'll have to see how long this one lasts)

You may be asking… What's Kalel's reason for leaving her current channel Wonderlandwardrobe? Well the answer is simple, because she's trying to become a "professional designer" LULZ. Have you heard anything more ridiculous? No sewing experience and no college degree… Does she really think anyone is going to take her designs seriously? My guess is Anthony will be funding this new dream of hers with factory workers from china…

Now that Kalel is the "Professional" she is claiming to be, she won't have time to do videos on Wonderlandwardrobe… Funny considering that now she is filling her time vlogging the day away with her boyfriend Anthony… And we have yet to see any progress on her "work" she is claiming to be doing in designing and sketching.

And undoubtably, her new "career path" in design is the reason for dyeing her hair back to brown. She is quoted in her video as saying that it was a "mix up and a big mess" when she tried to dye it purple.

No one is buying that story at all bebe... Wasn't she was quoted as saying "My hair makes me unique and different"????… *rolls eyes*

Kalel doesn't seem to grasp the fact that no one in the fashion industry is going to take her seriously, regardless of what her hair looks like. You'd have to be Helen Keller to want to wear anything she designs.

Give this new career path a few weeks before bebe changes her mind to become a circus performer, magician or another failed attempt at becoming a socialite. :)
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