Friday, December 31, 2010

listen up bacon bitches

Tumblr's and Youtube's biggest attention whore award goes to momo055650. Apparently bragging about cutting yourself is all the rage with sixteen year olds on the internet. This chick posted a picture of herself in her bra on her Tumblr and is know denying it on Blogtv.

Can we please have a moment of silence for her boobies that suffocated in her bra Video of Momo chugging Captain Morgan. She's sooooo cool guise.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Back-up Post

Comment here in case of emergency.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Krazy Kristin Smith is at it again

Kristin Smith aka Kalel Cullen is undoubtedly my least favorite Youtube Guru. She would preach about how she is against animal cruelty,but she is now affiliated with Lancome Cosmetics, which is a known company that tests on animals. She recently tweeted that she wants to buy a Savannah cat, which is a mix of a domestic and wild cat. If she really did care about animal cruelty, why didn't she just adopt a cat from a shelter? Of course she got her panties in a bunch when her little minions told her what she was doing was wrong. This bitch has her head so far up her ass that she smell her own shit.

LOL ~sew jellouz~

Sunday, December 19, 2010

(LINK DUMP) Someone is on their period

So, Camille, the creator of Unkn0wncritic, went ape shit when the spam wasn't being deleted by the new mods. LOL, sorry for having a life. This past week I was taking my exams and deleting spam was the worry on my mind. The last time I checked, it was HER blog, not mine. I will be writing new post from now on. I'm not the best writer, but i'll try to entertain and inform you guys. Anonymous commenting will stay on, unless spam starts to get out of control. A new post will be put up by tomorrow or Tuesday.
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