Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Lulz

Queen Kaikaiz has decided to start making daily vlogs again! Thanks for the early Christmas present, Kai! So far she has only made two, but they're basically the same. They both start with her showing off her cereal and asking what our favorite cereals are because she would LUV 2 NO! In her first vlog she tells us that she needs to find a top for Christmas Eve and Day. God forbid she actually goes through her hoard of clothes to find an outfit! But since she is such a princess she must have a new outfit!

In her second vlog she went to Macy's to hoard moar makeup, this time it is Clinique. Apparently, the girl at the counter told her to stick to one brand of makeup. Kai went on to say that she likes to try new products because she loves beauty. No, Kai its not that you love trying new things you just like to hoard!

Also, Kai has cut her hair AGAIN. This hair cut is probably one the worst she has ever had. Uneven mess by Mama Wilcher

If you're feeling blue this Christmas try watching this chick. She might make you laugh or make you feel better about your life.

Caution! She might make your ears bleed

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Please for the love of God stop telling people that they should kill themselves. I'm so sick of reading comments telling Maureen, Kai, or anyone else that they should die because they're useless in life. I don't care if you're trolling, joking, or whatever. Your comment will be deleted. I can't be here 24/7 to delete idiotic comments like that. The same goes for using racial slurs. I've bitting my tongue for awhile about people using the word nigger, but from now on it needs to stop. I don't have many rules here, so I'm telling y'all to quit it out. I know it's not everyone saying it, but this needs to be said. Go ahead and call me a GG mod because I really don't give a fuck. My blog, my rules.

I'm not adding any guru related stories on this post

Monday, December 5, 2011


When Bunny, Grav3yardgirl, was first mentioned on this blog it seemed like almost everyone liked her. She was some what of a breath of fresh air compared to the old youtube fame whores. Unfortunately, she started to sell out. Awhile back she signed up to sponsor Korpse Kosmetics, Kimi's fail makeup line, without researching the company at all. She did, however, drop out of that pretty fast. After that she started to pump out the sponsored videos left and right. Most people tolerated it until she said she was doing a review for Lime Crime. If anyone does a review for Lime Crime you are pretty much writing "Liar" and "Sellout" on your forehead. Bunny quickly removed her Lime Crime review after all the hate and negativity she was receiving from it, but it pretty much killed her image.

If you watch any of Bunny's videos it is pretty obvious that her family is very well off. She is constantly hauling Betsy Johnson products and showing off high end clothing. With this said, Bunny entered a contest for a Lush giftcard. She ended up winning the contest for the gift card that was worth a hundred bucks. Now if she can afford to buy Betsy Johnson shit all year long, why can't see afford to buy a Lush gift card? Bunny said that the gift card was for her mom and not her. If that is true then that is sweet, but why not let someone who really can't afford Lush win the gift card? It just made Bunny look like a spoiled rich brat.

Meanwhile in BOOwie~~

A couple of days ago Kai's friend, Shannon, posted this on GuruGossip.

"Yes, Im shannon the girl who lives in nj and was on chats with kailyn. We Talked almost on a daily basis, and I know more then most people about her. Im not here to bad mouth but reveal the truth. This girl has no Cluse about anything. She would constantly ask me what makeup I use, Face products and even down to condoms\lube I used (wtf) The only reason in her new video she has the new moisterizer and foundation is bc she asked me what I used and thats what I told her, so of course she had to run out to walmart and get it. Our convos usually consisted of her asking me pointless quuestions. Shes very naive and jugemental btw. I told her personal things which in turn she would think was a joke\funny\or that "theres no way I have that". FOR EXAMPLE: She bought the scar cream bc she cut herself, bc she liked the feeling. I told her that she wasnt alone and that I used to do the same and that the scars would fade. I told her I was diagnosed with depression\BPD\OCD\ and anxiety. Which I was evaluated by a doctor and have been doing amazing since starting medication many years ago. But Anyways, I said that that wasnt healthy and that she should go talk to a doctor for advice and medication, to which she replied "Im not depressed, theres nothing wrong" ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Someone with balanced chemicals in their brain to not cut themselves. Someone who is imbalanced like myself with out medication, does. Simple as that. Idk theres a number of other pointless things too. I just needed to vent and let everyone know the truth about her. Im done haha"

Shannon proved it was her by going on twitter, but she then deleted everything. And of course Mooren's crazy ass followed Shannon's twitter after it was posted in the comment section! But anyway, if Kai is really cutting herself, I hope she gets help for it, but it does seem like she is doing it because its the ~kewl ~ thing to do. It was mentioned that Kai started wearing a "to write love on her arms" bracelet when her and Maddy started dating.

It is also pretty sad that every friend that Kai has had ends up talking shit about her on the internet, e.g., Davit, Robin, and now Shannon.

In other National Online News, the Princess Bacon Bitch herself, Mooren, has a boyfriend. His name is Keith, but he also goes by Jared from Subway or Keef. This isn't brand new information, but I didn't put this in the last post, so I figured I would put it in this one for anyone who didn't know. Here is a picture of the two love birds. Credit to the pretty anon lady for the picture :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

National Online News Special- Kailyn is Nude Again?

Another nude picture of Kailyn has popped up again, but that is no surprise. It hasn't really been confirmed that the girl in the picture is her, but does look like her room and her body.

The picture

I'm sure Kai is of age in this picture, but I rather not have titties on the blog!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Davit spills the beans

So, about a week ago David's bitter lonely heart finally gave in. He started to comment on Kai's fan page basically calling her out for being a cold hearted bitch. Kai, wanting to keep her good girl image, deleted his comments pretty fast, but she was too stupid to delete Mooreen's comments.

Now that Mooreen and Davit both have something in common, hating Kaikaiz, they can finally be lovers, but apparently only Mooreen feels this way.

Two nights ago Davit decided to stop by and gave us some answers to questions we have been trying to figure out. Some people thought that Davit and Mooreen might hook up now that they are both single, but Davit made it clear that he had no intentions of dating Mooreen. But of course, Mooreen's crazy ass thought Davit wanted her vag. This is basically the same situation Maddy was in with Mooreen. They met twice and suddenly Mooreen was in love with Maddy, but now its Davit's turn.When Davit denied wanting to be with Mooreen, she copied and pasted their conversation to make Davit look like a crazy liar.

Mooreen's fake conversation with Davit

The real conversation

But the best part of Davit coming here was that he finally spilled the juicy beans on Kai.

Davit confirms the abortion Kai had when she was 2 months pregnant

Davit admitting his drug problem and why he was sent to the hospital for liver problems

How Mama Wilcher gets her money! Davit said that Papa Wilcher works for HVAC at a courthouse lolz

Does this Bowie socialite need to go to Celebrity Rehab??

Kai and Davit had a threesome with Hot Dave! :(
Anon suggested that we should now call him Discharge Dave ;)

After Davit made the comment about having a threesome, Mooreen made it so obvious that she lurks the comment section. She went on twitter and started bitching about how she no longer has feelings for the guy who had a threesome.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kai & Maddy 4evar

Now that Kai has a new man in her life she is now starting to make videos again. Although, most of her new videos are outfits of the day, she will post vlogs that include Maddy in them. While watching her vlogs it is pretty obvious that these two losers both deserve each other. They both lack social skills, sit at home all day, and they also mooch off their parent's wallets.

For some reason Kai's IQ drops, lower than it already is, when she is with Maddy. In her boyfriend tag video you can't even understand what the hell she is saying and some how Maddy can understand everything she is saying. I guess all stupid people have their own language.

Kai and Maddy are still in their "honeymoon" stage of their relationship because they are a little bit too excited to see each other all the time. But is Maddy already getting sick of Kai? Maddy did have a youtube channel that Kai pimped out to her subscribers, but the other day his youtube channel suddenly disappeared. Now we are not trying to start any conclusions here, but it seems like Maddy deleted his youtube channel because he saw how Kai's drama is all over the internet.

In their latest vlog Maddy seems kind of annoyed with Kai's immaturity.

Thanks to the pretty anon lady, we found out that Kai is looking for a job as a babysitter. Now its cool that she looking for work, but she straight up lied about her past experience with children and capabilities as a babysitter.

In her profile she said that she has her own transportation and knows how to cook. This bitch doesn't even have a permit or a car! Is Mama Wilcher, Maddy, or even Mooren FFs going to drive her over to the families house? And plus the only cooking she does is putting bacon in the microwave because Davit said she doesn't even know how to make a bowl of cereal!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

new post for now

To be a successful Youtube guru you must be either a gold digging whore or a delusional basket case. Michele1218 definitely is one of biggest hoarders and wanna be socialites on Youtube. It isn't clear where she gets her money from, but almost all of her videos are of hauls with high end products. There is nothing wrong with hauling high end products, but when you buy 10 bottles of the same shade of nude nail polish thats when you might want to rethink your life over.

With the money that she would save from only buying one nail polish she could buy some fashion sense. But because she is money hungry socialite she has to have all of the designer clothing and purses. When the Missoni collection for Target came out in September, she went out of her way to just to get the items she wanted. She said in her Missoni haul video that she drove to a Target out in the middle of nowhere to make sure that they would have everything in stock. Michele, bb, you already have a closet full of clothes you don't even wear, you don't need to go out of your way to just buy more.

In the land of Lady Kaka, the love triangle between Kai, Maddy, and Mooren aka Cody Rhodes is still going strong. Mooren kept going on how her and Maddy were in love and Kai stole him from her. But Kai went on twitter and told everyone that Maddy and Mooren never even dated and that Mooren is obsessed with the two of them. For as long as we have known about Mooren she complained about getting her drivers permit because it was so expensive. As of yesterday she got her permit after complaining about it forever. The reason why this is so weird is because Mooren was searching for Kai's address. Now that this crazy lady has access to a car and knows Kai's address, Kai might want to lock up house and get the foxes ready if Mooren decides to show up! Try not to feel too bad for Kai because every time she talks about her new boyfriend she always brings up how bad of a boyfriend Davit was. I guess taking noodz and getting naked on cam sites made you a wonderful girlfriend, Kai!


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Is Queen Leesha above the law?

When the FTC rules went into play back in December of 2009 it seemed like Leesha, xsparkage, had the biggest problem with it. She made a whole video about how much she disagreed with the rules and just went on and on about it (the video is now deleted). Well, apparently Leesha thinks she is above the FTC rules and has never posted a disclaimer in a video. She must think that because she was one of the first beauty gurus on youtube that she is exempt from disclaiming that she is being sponsored in a video. In obvious sponsored videos, like her Sigma videos, there is absolutely no disclaimer at all! And, god forbid you call her out on it because she will completely ignore what you said and will let her minions attack you. FFS, even the QVC sisters will put a disclaimer saying that they are being compensated by a company. Leesha, at least be honest with your subscribers and tell them that a company has sent you products or that you are being paid by the company. Your subscribers are paying your paycheck, you kind of owe it to them. Although, she never puts up a FTC disclaimer, Leesha never really sold out until she started pimping out Sigma. Now she just looks guilty in every video that doesn't have a FTC disclaimer.

This raggedy bitch has been on youtube for 4 years now and hasn't really done anything phenomenal with her ~youtube fame~. She always has to mention that she was one the first youtube beauty gurus, but has been out done by girls with no real makeup skills or girls who have not been on youtube as long as she has. Someone mentioned that when she goes out in the real world and tries to get a job she will have no past jobs to write down on an application. Leesha, take a note from your BFF Brooke and realize that youtube is not a job! Get a life BB! You're just as bad, if not worse than Princess Kaikaiz!!


Tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks in NYC, DC, and Pennsylvania, but it is also the one year anniversary of Blair's biggest fuck up ever. Last year on 9/11 she twitted "Happy 9/11" like it was some type of holiday that we all celebrate. << unkn0wncritic's post on Blair's flop.

Being the retards they are, they planned a meet and greet in NYC tomorrow. After being attacked by their minions for planning this on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, they tried to save their asses by saying they didn't mean to plan on this date. Lets forget the fact that 3,000 people died on this tragic day in American history because talking about fashion and makeup with Elle and Blair is so much ~kewler~. An anon brought up a good point by saying that it is not the fact that they are having a meet and greet, but it is the fact that they are doing this in NYC on the 10th anniversary. It would not have been a big deal if this was happening in LA or somewhere else.

Kaloser is still failing

She went a couple of weeks without updating her fail site and suddenly deleted all of her posts except for her lookbooks. I guess life is too hard for this fashion princess! She can't be bothered making half assed posts about irrelevant junk. Kristin still has not realized that just because you can layer your clothes and tuck your tight t-shirt in to your shorts does not immediately make you a fashion guru.

Leesha and Kaloser should probably apply to their local Walmart, so they can have some human interaction besides talking to their cameras.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Kaikaiz finds a NEW man.

ForeverKailyn has found herself a new boyfriend! After weeks of trolling OKcupid for some ass Kai has finally landed her self a ~stud~. He isn't just any guy though, he comes with a LOT of baggage. Last night,it was brought to Moarfailz's attention that some random girl was asking people on GG for help. She wanted them to take Kai DOWN! Apparently, Kai stole her man! This girl's name is Maureen or Erica? I don't even know but this bitch is fucking insane. At first people thought she was trolling until one of the pretty ladies on the blog decided to facebook search Matthew Drost(which is his name).
Below is a screen capture of what she posted on the other forum:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It didn't take long before people started realizing that this Matt guy is a complete train-wreck. According to his facebook page he has been struggling with alcohol abuse. He isn't just an alcoholic but also very aggressive. He posted about having some altercation that ended in him breaking his own hand. If I were Kai I would stay away from this lunatic.

Now, we all know Kai lurks this blog 24/7 but that still didn't stop her from meeting up with this clingy psycho. Seriously Kai? You're meeting up with him after only knowing him for about a week? AND you're already making out with him? Dumb bitch. They're literally acting like they have know each other their entire life. If I read everything that was said about him I would not go near him.

~Mooren~ showed her true colors last night when someone was chatting with her on facebook. She showed a LOT of interest in Matt. She seemed to have an obsession over him. Maureen claimed she loved Matt and didn't want him to get hurt. According to her Kai is manipulating Matt into having a relationship. She even mentioned that he allegedly got some other girl pregnant:

Let's all sit and watch how this unfolds.

If you think I forgot anything please let me know so I can add it in later. Thank you to the anons who provided the pictures in this post!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Moar Failz

Surprisingly, Kristin Smith has not given up her fashionista persona yet, but she is still pretty lazy about updating her website. Given the fact that all of her posts are so half-assed you would think she would be able to update her site more often. For example, her post about perfumes is just a list of perfumes that she wants. Why would she even bother making a post about that if that was all she was going to include? In her updated life post she talks about spending a total of 900 dollars on Halloween costumes for her lookbooks. Seriously Kristin? 900 dollars for a couple of costumes? Does she not realize that most of her viewers are young girls who are still in school and can not afford to spend 200 dollars on a Halloween costume? When she got called out about it she responded by saying that creating costumes is a passion of her's and it also brings her happiness. If spending 900 dollars on costumes really makes her happy she needs to rethink her priorities in life. After she posted this on Facebook, one of her minions responded that it would be better for her to give that money to charity than spend it on costumes that you would only wear once. Kristin some how has all this money to blow lately, yet her apartment is still unfurnished and was complaining how she can not afford groceries.

Kristin also can not take constructive criticism from anyone, not even her haterz or minions. It is mostly her minions who are telling her that they do not enjoy her lookbooks and would rather her make beauty videos again. Kristin is so hard headed that she thinks everyone is just being a bully to her. If anyone leaves a comment about how they do not agree with her, she will just end up deleting your comment, so the only comments that are left are the ones who are praising her.

In other news, ~Queen Leesha~ is now sponsored by Sigma. She did a contest with them about a week ago and everyone wondered if she was going to start pimping them out just like MakeupbyTiffanyD does. She also did not include a FTC disclaimer in that contest video, but that is nothing new because she never includes a disclaimer. Recently, she had a photo shoot with Tiffany for Sigma, which pretty much confirms that she is now sponsored by them.

Thanks for being a sellout Leesha! I wonder what Brooke and Josh have to say about their bestie becoming a completly money-hungry guru.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Failel Cullen Fails Again

Kalel has once again made herself the biggest asshat of the youtube beauty community. She has recently decided that she wants to be a fashion guru. She mainly wants to post fashion lookbooks on her main youtube channel. She also made a website where she is only going to talk about ~fashionable~ things. When she came out with the news that she was no longer making beauty videos, her stans and haterz attacked the hell out of her.

No one is really sure what goes on inside Kalel's ant faced head, but it sure seems like she changes her image when she becomes fascinated with a new product or lifestyle. In her Forever 21 haul that she filmed back in May, she said that she was over fashion and tired of keeping up with the trends. She basically said she just wanted to have "staple" and basics only. She totally contradicted herself now by wanting to be a fashion guru. Granted, she is allowed to change her mind and opinions, but she has swapped her image so many times now that her stans are finally having enough of her.

and lets not forget her sad attempt of an outfit at fashion week!

Thuper fashionista right here!

Her new website, XOXOKalel, is probably the biggest fail out of all of this. Her first post is so unprofessional it almost gives off that second hand embarrassment feeling. Her writing is like a note you would get from your best friend when you were both 16. The overuse of CAPS, parentheses, and stupid names made her post look so childish that no one can really take her serious anymore. As for her other posts they are pretty much a waste of time. The first two posts about the Besty Johnson jewelry and Nina Dobrev's outfit were completely useless because all she talked about was how pretty everything was. Failel has her website setup that she will update every day with a different post, but staying true to her roots she failed to update on time! No surprise there.

When she finally uploaded her lookbook video it was no surprise that she completely failed at it. In the video, she was wearing clothes from Olsenboye, which is a clothing company for teenagers. All the video consisted of was photos of her in 3 or 4 different outfits without her commenting on how much the clothing cost or how she pieced the clothes together to form an outfit. She completely missed the whole point of a lookbook video. After being called out on it she quickly deleted the video

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Kalel Cullen is quickly becoming one of the most annoying youtube beauty gurus. Her constant bragging about making " bank" off adsense is extremely tacky. Kalel openly went on twitter and flaunted about the money she makes from youtube. She replied to Leesha's (xsparkage) tweet saying something along the lines of " NANA NANA BOO BOO I don't have a job and I make so much money"

If Kalel was really making a lot of money she would be able to afford to buy clothes from other stores besides Forever 21. She also couldn't afford to buy furniture in her new home, but bought a $6000 cat. Real practical huh? Kalel came over to Unkn0wncritic once to talk to the trolls, when she started commenting all hell broke lose. When the anons confronted her about her money she got all butt hurt about it and tried to make herself look like the victim. She couldn't afford plane tickets, but buying a BOSS kitty is a lot more reasonable way to spend your money.

For any newbies, Kalel's real name is Kristin Smith. We found this out when she posted a picture of her boyfriend on twitter and someone on the blog recognized him. That person then went on to find him on facebook and found Kristin's facebook with her name. She commented a couple times which gave proof that it was really her.

Kristin is just not a bitch, but is she also a pathetic lonely loser with no friends. She is always inviting herself to get-to-togethers that other gurus plan, who had no intention of inviting her in the first place. Everytime she tweets a youtuber they almost never reply back to her. Who could blame them? I'm sure they don't want to be associated with her. While the gurus were in New York for Fashion Week enjoying the nightlife, Kristin sat in her hotel room by herself organizing her Forever 21 outfit that she wore to the fashion show.

Although it has been discussed before, her videos are extremely boring, pointless, and misguiding. Her recent video about her diet is extremely unhealthy and the fact that is sharing that information with thousands of young girls is kinda frightening. Apparently eating a cucumber for dinner is healthy in her mind. This bitch has also made up her own language. In her diet video she pronounces calories as cullories! She puts so much emphasis saying it that it would just be easier to say calories.

Her Diet&Fitness video

Recently, Kristin joined the infamous StyleHaul on youtube. When the video was uploaded, Lauren, the host mispronounced Kristen's name (Kalel) the second time she said it. Kristin then went on to comment on the video fueling all of her "haters" who were bashing her in the comments. Unfortunately, StyleHaul did not kick off their channel like they did Kai. Kristin's stans are always defending by saying that she is a nice person, but if Kristin was really a nice person she wouldn't leave comments replying to people like this one :

Monday, July 4, 2011

Davit Confirms It!

Yesterday, we caught wind that Davit broke up with Kai, again, but there was no solid proof that they actually did break up. At first all we had to go on was Davit's youtube comment and his comments on his friend's facebook status. Forovorkoolon, however, gained access to Kai's old email accounts and was able to talk to Davit about the breakup situation. Apparently Kai told Davit that she "fell out of love" with him. That is probably because she found a hot chick on Okcupid to chat with;) Davit also went on to say that Kai always smells and that her grandmother had to leave her note saying "just add milk" to a bowl of cereal! That is pretty pathetic for a 21 imo. Davit kept saying that he is over Kai and doesn't care about her anymore. Hopefully, Davit actually finds a girlfriend who won't cheat on him, although Davit is rumored to the person who releases all of Kai's nudes.

Davit's youtube comment
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Facebook comments
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Davit saying that Kai is over him

Links to Davit's conversation

Credit to Forovorkoolon for digging up the dirt :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Kai and Davit are donski bro!

UPDATE 7/3/11 Davit and Kai have broken up AGAIN!

Apparently Davit has broken up with Kai again because she cheated on him. There is no solid proof why they broke up, but Davit responded to a comment that was left on his channel a month ago saying that he does not a have a girlfriend. Maybe Davit will be open to talk about the breakup if went out his way to reply to an old comment? Also, Davit and Kai are not friends on Facebook anymore! BURNNNN! Any bets on how long they will stay broken up?
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

So Kai has been on vacation in Rehoboth Beach for the past week and the blog has been pretty dead because of her leaving. Kai really shouldn't call this a vacation because her whole life is a vacation. But lets not interrupt Kai while she is drinking her Sobe Life Water and her baby carrots while she staying at her grandmother's trailer on the beach!

Here are some videos from her visit to Rehoboth last summer


Even more stuck up guhroos have join the Stylehaul. As if they didn't need something to inflate their heads even more, the Stylehaul comes around to make them feel like they're ~Bowie socialites~

Friday, June 24, 2011

More about Kaloser

How on Earth does Kalel still has viewers who actually enjoy her videos is beyond me. If you notice on other channels little fangirls will tell their favorite guru how much they look up to them and inspire to be like them. Not for Kaloser! Who would actually enjoy her life? She sits at home all day with her boss kitty talking to herself in front of a camera. This bitch is in her early twenties in South California and never goes out with anyone. Its pretty pathetic how her boyfriend, Anthony Padilla from Smosh, won't even recognize her as his girlfriend. They have almost been dating for a year and he hasn't said a word about her. Anthony, are you embarrassed that you have a lazy girlfriend who isn't doing anything with her life? FFs, Kristin, go take a couple classes at a local community college to help you get out of the house. If she stays in her house any longer her social skills will go down the drain like Queen KaiKaiz. When she does try to make human contact she is just ignored by the people she is trying to talk to.


So moomoo decided to make a rant video about annoying whores on her facebook. She talked about the girls who post pictures of themselves in their bathing suits or acting slutty are extremely annoying and tacky. UMM excuse me, Morgan, but don't you do this on Tumblr? She went on to say how those pictures will be on the internet forever and can ruin your life. How about you take your own advice momo!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Queen of Useless Videos

Watch out Lizzy and Lisa Fowler there is a new QVC bitch in town and her name is Kristen Smith aka Kalel Cullen. Now Kalel's videos have never been very helpful, but lately they have been pretty useless like her video about how to tie a knot in your t-shirt. Not everyone wants to look like a 3rd grade prostitute, Kristen! Lets not forget all of her sponsored videos for Lancome and Urban Decay. It was so obvious that she does not even try out the products before filming because all she raves about how amazing the packaging is and creams her jeans when she swatches the colors in the palettes. Although Leesha, xsparkage, is notorious for receiving free products and not disclaiming it for the FTC at least she tries out the products before making a review and will make a tutorial using the makeup she received. Kalel could not make it more obvious that she only cares about money when she made the video about her Phospher watch. How is being affiliated with a watch company beauty related? Oh yeah, its not! She can't pull it off as it being fashion related because home girl has no fashion sense. If a company is going to send you free products to review for thousands of girls to watch wouldn't make sure to give a great review? Not for Kalel, because all she cares about is the money and the free shit.

In Other News

Our beloveded KaiKaiz got a perm! Apparently Kai was channeling her 80s teenage dream with the buying mom jeans to match her perm! Hopefully her chest hair won't get stuck in the pant's zipper!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Foreverkailyn the scammer

Sorry this didn't go up sooner.

So, for the past few days Foreverkailyn has been a huge topic on this blog. She's always the talk of this blog because of how ridiculous she is. She never fails to make us laugh and shake our heads. Well, this time it's more serious. A few days ago people were wondering why she was uploading so many videos. Well, the reason for that was because she made partner. Someone spotted ads on her videos as well as her channel. Now, the reason why this is huge news is because it is not the first time she has made partner!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

A few years ago Kai was a Youtube partner but got her adsense account revoked because of suspicious activity. Google suspected that she was clicking her own ads which she probably was. It is a known fact that once Google takes away your adsense for fraudulent clicking you are to never EVER have an account again. So how exactly did Kailyn get another adsense account? How is she partner again? People have been speculating that she used her mother's information, while others think she just hasn't verified her information. Whichever way it was it is still FRAUD.

Someone asked about the Kai's situation and this is the response they got:

Anyone who dared comment or tweet her about the ads on her videos/channel instantly got blocked. Kailyn, why were you trying so hard to keep your partnership a secret? Did you think your viewers were stupid enough not to figure it out? Or where you just scared that all the ~haters~ would ruin it for you? Whatever the reason, you ruined it for yourself the minute you scammed Google into getting another adsense.

Kailyn decided to open up another formspring account tonight.After she got bombarded with questions about her partnership she decided to disable the account. By the way, it didn't last long at all. She then took to twitter to rant about the ~haters~ and finally she addressed the situation. Let's hope she uploads the video soon!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

If you haven't gotten the chance and want to report Kai here is the link:

Apparently Kai has signed up with Style Haul on youtube. Style Haul is a youtube channel that features certain beauty guru videos. Some of the biggest gurus that have signed on to Style Haul are xsparkage, dulcecandy, macbarbie, and ahanhbarbie. Somehow our precious foreverkailyn is a part of Style Haul. Since Style Haul is a youtube partner with Adsense, the gurus that are signed up with them are also getting a slice of Style Haul's paycheck. This is perfect for someone like Kaikaiz, who had lost her Adsense and is not able to get it back. The revenue that Kai receives is probably very small, but money is money to KaiKaiz. Kai is a dirty, cheap, manipulative bitch who would do anything to get her hands on money.

When Kai's Style Haul video finally appeared on their channel all hell broke loose in the comment section. People started criticizing the fact that Kai can not apply makeup properly and the fact that she is on a style channel makes no sense. Within minutes the video was deleted! WIN FOR US! here is the video if anyone missed it.

Here is a screencap of the comments left on the StyleHaul video:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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