Friday, January 21, 2011

Conthtructive critithithm you guise!

It seems like every time a new Kai scandal is released the comment section is flooded with Kai stans supporting Kai and telling us that we are a bunch of jealous losers. Let me get this straight and I'm sure that I can speak for everyone when I say this, NO ONE IS JEALOUS OF KAILYN! I really don't see what anyone could be jealous of. She is almost 21 years old and still doesn't have a job, car, or any education besides high school. Lets not forget that she was home schooled by an alcoholic moron, so her high school education isn't the best. In my personal opinion I don't care if she is still living at home, but she isn't going to school or work. All she does is sit in her pink bedroom watching lesbian tv shows. What the hell is she going to do with the rest of her life? She has never had a job in her life, so how the fuck is she going to apply for a job in the future without any past references? Also, when you google her name her naked photos are first to appear. What type of employer is going to hire a person like her? Hell, McDonalds probably wouldn't even hire her. Mama Wilcher can be blamed for some of this. She let her daughter become this lazy slob. She needs to stop buying her shit and starting treating her like an adult.

When I first found about Kai, I felt kind of sorry for her. She seemed like a nice girl who was kind of dumb. But when I found out about her nude photos and scandals my opinion quickly changed. Every time a photo is released she always says "I made some bad choices, I'm learning from my mistakes". Sweetheart, its not a mistake if you have done it more than once and you keep doing it. There is the pot pie, shampoo bottle, and webcam incidents that just prove that she is not learning from her mistakes. Her online friends try to give advice about this stuff, but she just blows it off. We try to give her her "constructive criticism", but she acts like we're just being mean and jealous . I'm tired of feeling sorry for her, she has dug her own grave and there is nothing she can do about it, except growing the fuck up and acting like an adult.

OH HAI KAI! can you make it any moar obivious that you stalk this blog! I thought you didn't care what the haters think!!

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bitches need to grow up for real

Kai has been caught cheating. AGAIN! Lately, she has been posting Craigslist ads looking for girls to hook up with. According to her she wants to "meet" new people and possibly become friends. Which really translates to "I want to meet you, harass the shit out of you then bone you until my dimply vagina explodes!" Can this bitch get anymore pathetic? First of all she sits at home all day watching tv. Then, she shows her tits on cam for random people online and now she wants to take it a step further and actually meet people? WHAT THE FUCK?! When will Kailyn learn? Oh that's right never. As soon as someone told her they found her ads she deleted them and then denied it was her saying it was a "faker"

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We also found out that David broke up with Kailyn. And this time it's serious guise! He went as far as deleting Kai from his Facebook and Youtube info box!! He means business. Lets just hope he actually pulls through with it and doesn't fall for Kai's manipulative ways.

Robin has been letting us in on all the info as well. First, she told her followers that Davey got a new a pot dealer. HOW..classy. She also mentioned that Kai still smokes weed. Which doesn't really surprise me. Then when Robin tweeted this "David found 10 craigslist ads of kai asking for sex and finally gave her the boot anyone want her new cell # to prank her and let her know" shit hit the roof. She also decided to post Kailyn's new number which caused Kai to say this on twitter "Bitches need to grow up for real." and "looks like i'll have to change my cell number once again" When I asked Robin if Mama Wilcher had contacted her about the situation she told me no and that Mama Wilcher knows she wasn't the first one to give out the number.

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Kai's new OKCupid account:

Here are the screenshots of Kai's ads:

AND the proof it was her:

Deleted ad:

Kai denying it was her:

David's response when he was linked to the ads:

Kai's tweets:

Robin posting Kai's number:

Robin "confirming" they broke up:

Robin claiming that Davit sells pot:

If you think I missed something or have screencaps you want added to the post please let me know. Thank you to all the anons who screen captured everything. And to the anon who gathered all of them up for me. :)
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