Saturday, February 19, 2011


Kimi and her gang hooligans, Aunt Jemima and Vernell, have been turning up the trashy dial in the past couple weeks. Kimi had a giveaway of scarves for her subscribers, but some how her BFF Vernell won the contest. In the comment section of the contest video Vernell only comments 5 times, but when Kimi uploads the video of her using ClassTools to pick the winner Vernell's comments show more than 5 times. Plus it's just fishy that she won, because her and Kimi are such good friends. Also, Kimi didn't act very surprised that Vernell won the contest.

Apparently Kimi has never heard of eye makeup remover! In the beginning of her makeup tutorials her eyes are covered in old eyeliner and mascara. Its like she goes to bed without washing off her eye makeup and continues to pile on more eye makeup the next day. Even with the day old mascara and eyeliner her makeup is so muddy and caked on. Although I do give her props for having more creativity then Kai has, she needs work on washing her face more.

And oh god how can I forget the monster that is Algie aka Aunt Jemima. This woman is seriously the definition of trashy with her whack ass weave and bitchy attitude. She likes to make cameos in Kimi's videos by sitting in the background in front the computer while her child is screaming bloody murder. I don't blame the kid for screaming, I would scream and cry all day long if she was my mother! Why is a grown ass woman with a kid living with Kimi? Get off welfare you lazy bitch and get a job!

Dear Aunt Jemima, I know this girl name stickylipgloss and she could totally help you with your weave!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Robin the hypocrite?

Robin is the chick who has been dishing out Kaikaiz dirty little secrets for the past couple months. She pretty much confirmed that Kai aborted her baby and that Davit broke up with Kai after he found out about her craiglist ads. Robin also called out Kai because she was asking for suggestions on Twitter and Youtube all the time, but in the past couple weeks Robin has been doing the same exact thing! If you're going to call someone out don't turn around and do the same exact thing they're doing.

Robin is just as trashy as Kai with her tacky hair, makeup, and way of life. Apparently, Robin and her husband are filing for a divorce and she decided to announce this on Twitter. Have some class woman! Her next tweet was about showing off her new boy toy to her subscribers on Youtube. How can you move on so fast after being married to someone? She said that her husband "put his hands on her" and he if did I'm glad she is getting herself out of that situation, but the whole world doesn't need to hear about your divorce and your new man. She then makes fun of Kai's horribly highlighted hair and then gets her hair dyed the same way!!!Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with Bowie, Maryland? Bowie is that trailer trash cousin that everyone has and trys to forget about. Although, Robin is a hypocrite for calling Kai out, she still has her more going her compared to Kai. At least she actually completed a real cosmetology school instead of Kai's 40 hour makeup class. So, Robin stop being twinies with Kai and get your shit together girlfriend.

IDK ROBIN, you guise luv that skunk look >;)

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