Sunday, March 27, 2011

The train wreck that is Glittereyes82

Jenna Olli never fails to bring the lulz in her videos. This woman pretty much sums up every stereotype of people who are living off their unemployment checks. The first thing you will notice about Jenna is her tacky highlighted hair. She most likely goes to SuperCuts to have it colored for ten dollars. Her eyes are always bugged out like she has just heard that there is a drug dealer selling crack for half price. But whatever you do, do not call this girl out, she will go psycho crazy bitch on your ass. Her replys to her "hater" comments never make sense when replying back and she seems to have her CAPS lock button broken too. Being the ghetto fabulous diva that she is, she is always reviewing some no name company. The companies that she is reviewing for are all these knock off sketchy makeup brands that are probably using child labor somewhere in the Philippines. It does not matter what item she is reviewing she has let it be known that the shitter product is always better than the higher end product. But of course it won't compare because the "higher end" product that she is buying is from the flea market and is most likely a counterfeit product. For someone who only has less then 2000 subscribers it is really odd that she is having all these companies asking her for reviews. An anon decided to contact a company that she had reviewed to see if the company actually asked Jenna for a review.

Either Jenna has gotten a hold of some really good drugs or her her house is really haunted because apparently paranormal activity has been going on in her house. I think Jenna has seriously lost her marbles because she now seeing the koolaid man and stick figures etched into the floor of her basement. It has been discussed in the comment section that Jenna is only talking about this paranormal activity bullshit because she is being evicted from her house. If this is true it would make a really nice cover up story for why she is leaving her current home.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Queen Kaikaiz finally took some advice and started working out at a gym. I'm not really sure if you would call Curves or Planet Fitness a gym for a young overweight girl. Apparently, at Planet Fitness they offer free pizza after you're done working out. Sounds like Kai's and Davit's favorite place of all time! For someone saying that they are so serious about working out and becoming healthier, Kai isn't losing any weight. The first 10 to 20 pounds are the easiest to get rid of, but it seems like Kai is getting BIGGER. Maybe she is gaining weight because is she not going to the gym!? If she is really serious about losing weight she needs to cut the Vitamin Water, fast food, and soda. Some people suspect that Kai is becoming better at lying and is just telling us that she is going to the gym, so we would leave her alone about being lazy. It does not matter how much constructive criticism you try to give to her, she will just blow it off because you are just a ~hater~. Kai don't act like you don't lurk here and do the things we tell you to do. If you're just going to be a bitter bitch when we try to give you advice then just stop lurking here.

Kai decided to take time out of her busy life and made a vlog video that was extremely close to the ones that Lorraine (TheCurrentCustom) does everyday. Of course being the whore she is, Kai had to put the boob view in the video. No one wants to see your pepperoni nipples Kai! Just put them away. Also, she needs to learn how to sallow her spit before she starts talking or learn how to enunciate better.

Friday, March 4, 2011

QVC bitches live up to their names

A couple weeks ago the QVC sisters literally lived up to their names and started sponsoring QVC products on their channels. If you don’t know what QVC is it is basically a home shopping network that advertises products from different companies. So, eventually people started calling Lizzy and Lisa the QVC sisters because they would make videos were the companies would sponsor them to adversities their products. Their heads probably exploded when they were given the opportunity for a TV segment for QVC’s red carpet event. Lizzy kept telling her minions to make sure to watch QVC to see her and Lisa and of course she had to add the fact they would be shown after the Kardashians. So, the show starts and after the Kardanshians are interviewed there are no Fowler sisters to be seen! By this point the minions start attacking Lizzy saying that they waited a whole hour just to watch them and now they wasted their time by watching nothing. QVC must have not realized who they are messing with! It is Lisa and Lizzy Fowler for fucks sake they must have their own segment! Unfortunately for them, QVC had their segment posted to their website instead of being broadcast on TV. Hopefully, this was a blow to their ego and made them realize that they are not the hot shit that they think they are. They are just two girls from Tennessee who make beauty videos in their bedrooms. The rest of the world outside Youtube has no idea who they are and nor do they care. They did however, work the system of Youtube and are making some good money out of it, but it is the price of that? They are scamming young naive girls into buying products from no name companies. Their you tube success will soon run out when more people realize their manipulative ways of making money.

Trolololol ;)

Kristen Smith is at it again you guise! Someone needs to teach this girl how to mange her money properly. She bought that stupid cat for a couple thousand dollars instead of furnishing her new apartment. She literally only has a mattress, tv, and her laptop. What is the purpose of having your own apartment if you're not going to furnish it? You would think that the forty dollars she makes from youtube would help her buy some furniture. Hey Kristen, how about you get a real job! Go back to Hooters and you would bring home so much more money a day and you can still do your videos bb!

Oh and credit to the anon who found out kabuki's real name!! He is taking after his mommy already! I guess its for safety reasons!!!

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