Thursday, April 28, 2011


Alright now, something is going on with the comment section. Either I'm retarded, its a glitch, or Blogger is now being a bitch. For some reason Blogger will only let us comment if we are signed into our google accounts. I'm hoping a new post will fix the problem, if not, i'll try to figure it out.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So, lately there hasn't been much going on in guru land except for the casual lulz from Kai, but those are daily normal things ;) I think there are 3 reasons why Jewtube has been so dead lately.

Number one being that Youtube keeps fucking around with their layout and has made it so difficult to watch videos in the subscription box. I have pretty much given up watching the guru's videos because I can't see when they upload a video. I hope I'm not the only who feels this way. I feel like a lot of people have given up on Youtube just because they keep changing shit. Another reason why there is no real dramaz going on might be because all our detective trolls are in school and don't have the time to find the lulz. Although, there was more to take about during the Summer on UC, it did bring a lot of drama and fighting between the commenters on the blog. Hopefully this Summer we can find some juicy stuff without the fighting<333

Lastly, the biggest reason there is no drama going on is the fact the gurus are getting smarter about the sneaky shit they try to pull. They are finally realizing that if they get caught gossip blogs like this site will call them out on it. I like to think that this blog talks about the wrong doings instead of the catty made up rumors about the gurus. With this said, I feel like some sites take trolling a little bit far. So, now the gurus are taking action against the gossip site, GuruGossip. Some no name chick is trying to have them shut down by having other gurus report them to which is linked to

blog wanting to take down GG-
report GG-

still writing, just wanted a new post for guys to comment on

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Someone's craving attention....AGAIN!

It seems like Kai is always involved in some type of drama whether it be getting caught on dating sites, nude webcam sites, or posing in nude photos. This girl always has something going on in her life. And it’s never anything good. Last night, Kailyn tweeted several things that caught us a bit off guard. Usually Kai is extremely excited about her birthday. She always seems to jump at the change of telling everyone when it is. And we all know it’s because she loves the attention but most importantly she loves all the cheap Wal-mart gifts David throws at her. Here is what she tweeted:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

She then proceeded to tweet about how she’s thuper young and shouldn’t be in a serious relationship. The day after she posted these strange tweets she decided to go on Blogtv. Apparently, people were giving her advice on how to break up with Davit? I’m not 100% sure how the Blogtv started because I wasn’t there yet. When I got there she wasn’t live but she was chatting and saying how unhappy she was with her relationship with Davit. This is what she had to say about him:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
It seemed like people where giving her advice but she just couldn't understand what was being said. This IS Kai we're talking about so when you're talking to her you have to dumb it down a LOT. All throughout her blogtv she kept leaving, lurking, then coming back. She went as far as threatening to delete her blogtv if people kept on being mean. Anyway, at one point when she was on cam she was talking to Davit on the phone. According to Kai she was "breaking up" with him. Which we all knew was complete bullshit. But nonetheless we all kept watching and telling her to break it off. While Davit was screaming Kai was laughing hysterical. I personally found it odd that she would be laughing while having a "serious" talk with her boyfriend of 5 years. I mean who would break up with someone but laugh like a complete dumbass while doing it? Here are some screen captures of her laughing her ass off:
Screen cap 1
Screen cap 2

After about 5 minutes of laughing at Davit's reaction to the "break up" Kai completely changed her mind. She got thuper sad and depressed because she felt bad about hurting Davey's feelings. She proceeded to tell people not to talk bad about her bf....yeah she kept calling him her boyfriend. Um bitch you just ridiculed his ass on is he still your BF? She kept saying it was just a "break" not an actual break-up. Like I said before Kai left, lurked, then came back only to tell us that they were back together and that everything was fine. WTF? I just cannot understand, like what the fuck goes on in her head? She said she didn't feel "butterflies" anymore and that she wasn't sure she was in love with him yet she goes back to him? Kai also mentioned she was crying on the phone with Davit yet she had just filmed and was uploading an OOTF. Hmmm you be the judge of that.

Kailyn, this is a prime example of why people "hate" on you so much. You ask for advice and when it's given to you, you completely ignore it. Oh and by the way just because people are honest and tell it like it is doesn't mean they're hating on you. Stop being so fucking dramatic. People will forever and always troll you so deal with it bb.

For those of you who missed the blogtv here is a video and audio of her thuper dramatic breakup:

ForeverKailyn BlogTv April 6 from moose on Vimeo.


Get over it Kai. JFC. Grow up instead of trying to get sympathy from your followers. There are worse things going on in the world. No one gives a shit about two obese retards who are having a ~thuper hard time~.

Sorry if the post is choppy or if I missed anything. Let me know and I'll add details in.
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