Monday, May 30, 2011

Your Turn, Fat Neagle

Natasha Neagle is easily my most hated youtuber around. She frustrates me on multiple levels, and in my opinion, she's a huge, whiny bitch.

However, Nat Neagle, or as we lovingly refer to her, Fat Neagle/Fat Bagel, is a teacher. What a noble profession. When I was in school though, I most certainly never saw my teachers tweeting about drinking (ex: or getting tats.

So here is the lovely chest tat she has:

Oh but don't worry, she's figured out that she should probably cover that shit up since those low cut preteen shirts won't do it:

Speaking of which, Fat Bagel has yet to realize that she is NOT a size 6, 15 year old but a middle aged, size 20 desperate woman who thinks she's Stephenie Meyer.
She considers these jeans to be too big. No, Nat, they're rather tight and hideous.

This picture is purely for lulz. How could she possibly think she looks hot in this?

And how could anyone forget the ~~dEsIgNeR~~ dress she got off of Ebay? Fits li a super lumpy glove.

Attractive, really.

To answer that question ^^
Neither. Ew.

PS Kai did get her adsense back, so if anyone feels the need to report it, here's the link:

Friday, May 13, 2011

Post options?

Lately the blog has been pretty dead because there hasn't been any new scandals happening. I'm thinking for now on that a quality post will only be put up when a scandal happens. For the other posts it will be only when the comments are about to max out. So, those post will be pretty much be short random things that have been happening. Those post will also have all the links that were posted in the previous post.
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