Sunday, July 17, 2011


Kalel Cullen is quickly becoming one of the most annoying youtube beauty gurus. Her constant bragging about making " bank" off adsense is extremely tacky. Kalel openly went on twitter and flaunted about the money she makes from youtube. She replied to Leesha's (xsparkage) tweet saying something along the lines of " NANA NANA BOO BOO I don't have a job and I make so much money"

If Kalel was really making a lot of money she would be able to afford to buy clothes from other stores besides Forever 21. She also couldn't afford to buy furniture in her new home, but bought a $6000 cat. Real practical huh? Kalel came over to Unkn0wncritic once to talk to the trolls, when she started commenting all hell broke lose. When the anons confronted her about her money she got all butt hurt about it and tried to make herself look like the victim. She couldn't afford plane tickets, but buying a BOSS kitty is a lot more reasonable way to spend your money.

For any newbies, Kalel's real name is Kristin Smith. We found this out when she posted a picture of her boyfriend on twitter and someone on the blog recognized him. That person then went on to find him on facebook and found Kristin's facebook with her name. She commented a couple times which gave proof that it was really her.

Kristin is just not a bitch, but is she also a pathetic lonely loser with no friends. She is always inviting herself to get-to-togethers that other gurus plan, who had no intention of inviting her in the first place. Everytime she tweets a youtuber they almost never reply back to her. Who could blame them? I'm sure they don't want to be associated with her. While the gurus were in New York for Fashion Week enjoying the nightlife, Kristin sat in her hotel room by herself organizing her Forever 21 outfit that she wore to the fashion show.

Although it has been discussed before, her videos are extremely boring, pointless, and misguiding. Her recent video about her diet is extremely unhealthy and the fact that is sharing that information with thousands of young girls is kinda frightening. Apparently eating a cucumber for dinner is healthy in her mind. This bitch has also made up her own language. In her diet video she pronounces calories as cullories! She puts so much emphasis saying it that it would just be easier to say calories.

Her Diet&Fitness video

Recently, Kristin joined the infamous StyleHaul on youtube. When the video was uploaded, Lauren, the host mispronounced Kristen's name (Kalel) the second time she said it. Kristin then went on to comment on the video fueling all of her "haters" who were bashing her in the comments. Unfortunately, StyleHaul did not kick off their channel like they did Kai. Kristin's stans are always defending by saying that she is a nice person, but if Kristin was really a nice person she wouldn't leave comments replying to people like this one :

Monday, July 4, 2011

Davit Confirms It!

Yesterday, we caught wind that Davit broke up with Kai, again, but there was no solid proof that they actually did break up. At first all we had to go on was Davit's youtube comment and his comments on his friend's facebook status. Forovorkoolon, however, gained access to Kai's old email accounts and was able to talk to Davit about the breakup situation. Apparently Kai told Davit that she "fell out of love" with him. That is probably because she found a hot chick on Okcupid to chat with;) Davit also went on to say that Kai always smells and that her grandmother had to leave her note saying "just add milk" to a bowl of cereal! That is pretty pathetic for a 21 imo. Davit kept saying that he is over Kai and doesn't care about her anymore. Hopefully, Davit actually finds a girlfriend who won't cheat on him, although Davit is rumored to the person who releases all of Kai's nudes.

Davit's youtube comment
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Facebook comments
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Davit saying that Kai is over him

Links to Davit's conversation

Credit to Forovorkoolon for digging up the dirt :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Kai and Davit are donski bro!

UPDATE 7/3/11 Davit and Kai have broken up AGAIN!

Apparently Davit has broken up with Kai again because she cheated on him. There is no solid proof why they broke up, but Davit responded to a comment that was left on his channel a month ago saying that he does not a have a girlfriend. Maybe Davit will be open to talk about the breakup if went out his way to reply to an old comment? Also, Davit and Kai are not friends on Facebook anymore! BURNNNN! Any bets on how long they will stay broken up?
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So Kai has been on vacation in Rehoboth Beach for the past week and the blog has been pretty dead because of her leaving. Kai really shouldn't call this a vacation because her whole life is a vacation. But lets not interrupt Kai while she is drinking her Sobe Life Water and her baby carrots while she staying at her grandmother's trailer on the beach!

Here are some videos from her visit to Rehoboth last summer


Even more stuck up guhroos have join the Stylehaul. As if they didn't need something to inflate their heads even more, the Stylehaul comes around to make them feel like they're ~Bowie socialites~
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