Friday, August 26, 2011

Kaikaiz finds a NEW man.

ForeverKailyn has found herself a new boyfriend! After weeks of trolling OKcupid for some ass Kai has finally landed her self a ~stud~. He isn't just any guy though, he comes with a LOT of baggage. Last night,it was brought to Moarfailz's attention that some random girl was asking people on GG for help. She wanted them to take Kai DOWN! Apparently, Kai stole her man! This girl's name is Maureen or Erica? I don't even know but this bitch is fucking insane. At first people thought she was trolling until one of the pretty ladies on the blog decided to facebook search Matthew Drost(which is his name).
Below is a screen capture of what she posted on the other forum:

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It didn't take long before people started realizing that this Matt guy is a complete train-wreck. According to his facebook page he has been struggling with alcohol abuse. He isn't just an alcoholic but also very aggressive. He posted about having some altercation that ended in him breaking his own hand. If I were Kai I would stay away from this lunatic.

Now, we all know Kai lurks this blog 24/7 but that still didn't stop her from meeting up with this clingy psycho. Seriously Kai? You're meeting up with him after only knowing him for about a week? AND you're already making out with him? Dumb bitch. They're literally acting like they have know each other their entire life. If I read everything that was said about him I would not go near him.

~Mooren~ showed her true colors last night when someone was chatting with her on facebook. She showed a LOT of interest in Matt. She seemed to have an obsession over him. Maureen claimed she loved Matt and didn't want him to get hurt. According to her Kai is manipulating Matt into having a relationship. She even mentioned that he allegedly got some other girl pregnant:

Let's all sit and watch how this unfolds.

If you think I forgot anything please let me know so I can add it in later. Thank you to the anons who provided the pictures in this post!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Moar Failz

Surprisingly, Kristin Smith has not given up her fashionista persona yet, but she is still pretty lazy about updating her website. Given the fact that all of her posts are so half-assed you would think she would be able to update her site more often. For example, her post about perfumes is just a list of perfumes that she wants. Why would she even bother making a post about that if that was all she was going to include? In her updated life post she talks about spending a total of 900 dollars on Halloween costumes for her lookbooks. Seriously Kristin? 900 dollars for a couple of costumes? Does she not realize that most of her viewers are young girls who are still in school and can not afford to spend 200 dollars on a Halloween costume? When she got called out about it she responded by saying that creating costumes is a passion of her's and it also brings her happiness. If spending 900 dollars on costumes really makes her happy she needs to rethink her priorities in life. After she posted this on Facebook, one of her minions responded that it would be better for her to give that money to charity than spend it on costumes that you would only wear once. Kristin some how has all this money to blow lately, yet her apartment is still unfurnished and was complaining how she can not afford groceries.

Kristin also can not take constructive criticism from anyone, not even her haterz or minions. It is mostly her minions who are telling her that they do not enjoy her lookbooks and would rather her make beauty videos again. Kristin is so hard headed that she thinks everyone is just being a bully to her. If anyone leaves a comment about how they do not agree with her, she will just end up deleting your comment, so the only comments that are left are the ones who are praising her.

In other news, ~Queen Leesha~ is now sponsored by Sigma. She did a contest with them about a week ago and everyone wondered if she was going to start pimping them out just like MakeupbyTiffanyD does. She also did not include a FTC disclaimer in that contest video, but that is nothing new because she never includes a disclaimer. Recently, she had a photo shoot with Tiffany for Sigma, which pretty much confirms that she is now sponsored by them.

Thanks for being a sellout Leesha! I wonder what Brooke and Josh have to say about their bestie becoming a completly money-hungry guru.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Failel Cullen Fails Again

Kalel has once again made herself the biggest asshat of the youtube beauty community. She has recently decided that she wants to be a fashion guru. She mainly wants to post fashion lookbooks on her main youtube channel. She also made a website where she is only going to talk about ~fashionable~ things. When she came out with the news that she was no longer making beauty videos, her stans and haterz attacked the hell out of her.

No one is really sure what goes on inside Kalel's ant faced head, but it sure seems like she changes her image when she becomes fascinated with a new product or lifestyle. In her Forever 21 haul that she filmed back in May, she said that she was over fashion and tired of keeping up with the trends. She basically said she just wanted to have "staple" and basics only. She totally contradicted herself now by wanting to be a fashion guru. Granted, she is allowed to change her mind and opinions, but she has swapped her image so many times now that her stans are finally having enough of her.

and lets not forget her sad attempt of an outfit at fashion week!

Thuper fashionista right here!

Her new website, XOXOKalel, is probably the biggest fail out of all of this. Her first post is so unprofessional it almost gives off that second hand embarrassment feeling. Her writing is like a note you would get from your best friend when you were both 16. The overuse of CAPS, parentheses, and stupid names made her post look so childish that no one can really take her serious anymore. As for her other posts they are pretty much a waste of time. The first two posts about the Besty Johnson jewelry and Nina Dobrev's outfit were completely useless because all she talked about was how pretty everything was. Failel has her website setup that she will update every day with a different post, but staying true to her roots she failed to update on time! No surprise there.

When she finally uploaded her lookbook video it was no surprise that she completely failed at it. In the video, she was wearing clothes from Olsenboye, which is a clothing company for teenagers. All the video consisted of was photos of her in 3 or 4 different outfits without her commenting on how much the clothing cost or how she pieced the clothes together to form an outfit. She completely missed the whole point of a lookbook video. After being called out on it she quickly deleted the video
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