Saturday, September 10, 2011

Is Queen Leesha above the law?

When the FTC rules went into play back in December of 2009 it seemed like Leesha, xsparkage, had the biggest problem with it. She made a whole video about how much she disagreed with the rules and just went on and on about it (the video is now deleted). Well, apparently Leesha thinks she is above the FTC rules and has never posted a disclaimer in a video. She must think that because she was one of the first beauty gurus on youtube that she is exempt from disclaiming that she is being sponsored in a video. In obvious sponsored videos, like her Sigma videos, there is absolutely no disclaimer at all! And, god forbid you call her out on it because she will completely ignore what you said and will let her minions attack you. FFS, even the QVC sisters will put a disclaimer saying that they are being compensated by a company. Leesha, at least be honest with your subscribers and tell them that a company has sent you products or that you are being paid by the company. Your subscribers are paying your paycheck, you kind of owe it to them. Although, she never puts up a FTC disclaimer, Leesha never really sold out until she started pimping out Sigma. Now she just looks guilty in every video that doesn't have a FTC disclaimer.

This raggedy bitch has been on youtube for 4 years now and hasn't really done anything phenomenal with her ~youtube fame~. She always has to mention that she was one the first youtube beauty gurus, but has been out done by girls with no real makeup skills or girls who have not been on youtube as long as she has. Someone mentioned that when she goes out in the real world and tries to get a job she will have no past jobs to write down on an application. Leesha, take a note from your BFF Brooke and realize that youtube is not a job! Get a life BB! You're just as bad, if not worse than Princess Kaikaiz!!


Tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks in NYC, DC, and Pennsylvania, but it is also the one year anniversary of Blair's biggest fuck up ever. Last year on 9/11 she twitted "Happy 9/11" like it was some type of holiday that we all celebrate. << unkn0wncritic's post on Blair's flop.

Being the retards they are, they planned a meet and greet in NYC tomorrow. After being attacked by their minions for planning this on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, they tried to save their asses by saying they didn't mean to plan on this date. Lets forget the fact that 3,000 people died on this tragic day in American history because talking about fashion and makeup with Elle and Blair is so much ~kewler~. An anon brought up a good point by saying that it is not the fact that they are having a meet and greet, but it is the fact that they are doing this in NYC on the 10th anniversary. It would not have been a big deal if this was happening in LA or somewhere else.

Kaloser is still failing

She went a couple of weeks without updating her fail site and suddenly deleted all of her posts except for her lookbooks. I guess life is too hard for this fashion princess! She can't be bothered making half assed posts about irrelevant junk. Kristin still has not realized that just because you can layer your clothes and tuck your tight t-shirt in to your shorts does not immediately make you a fashion guru.

Leesha and Kaloser should probably apply to their local Walmart, so they can have some human interaction besides talking to their cameras.
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