Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kai & Maddy 4evar

Now that Kai has a new man in her life she is now starting to make videos again. Although, most of her new videos are outfits of the day, she will post vlogs that include Maddy in them. While watching her vlogs it is pretty obvious that these two losers both deserve each other. They both lack social skills, sit at home all day, and they also mooch off their parent's wallets.

For some reason Kai's IQ drops, lower than it already is, when she is with Maddy. In her boyfriend tag video you can't even understand what the hell she is saying and some how Maddy can understand everything she is saying. I guess all stupid people have their own language.

Kai and Maddy are still in their "honeymoon" stage of their relationship because they are a little bit too excited to see each other all the time. But is Maddy already getting sick of Kai? Maddy did have a youtube channel that Kai pimped out to her subscribers, but the other day his youtube channel suddenly disappeared. Now we are not trying to start any conclusions here, but it seems like Maddy deleted his youtube channel because he saw how Kai's drama is all over the internet.

In their latest vlog Maddy seems kind of annoyed with Kai's immaturity.

Thanks to the pretty anon lady, we found out that Kai is looking for a job as a babysitter. Now its cool that she looking for work, but she straight up lied about her past experience with children and capabilities as a babysitter.

In her profile she said that she has her own transportation and knows how to cook. This bitch doesn't even have a permit or a car! Is Mama Wilcher, Maddy, or even Mooren FFs going to drive her over to the families house? And plus the only cooking she does is putting bacon in the microwave because Davit said she doesn't even know how to make a bowl of cereal!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

new post for now

To be a successful Youtube guru you must be either a gold digging whore or a delusional basket case. Michele1218 definitely is one of biggest hoarders and wanna be socialites on Youtube. It isn't clear where she gets her money from, but almost all of her videos are of hauls with high end products. There is nothing wrong with hauling high end products, but when you buy 10 bottles of the same shade of nude nail polish thats when you might want to rethink your life over.

With the money that she would save from only buying one nail polish she could buy some fashion sense. But because she is money hungry socialite she has to have all of the designer clothing and purses. When the Missoni collection for Target came out in September, she went out of her way to just to get the items she wanted. She said in her Missoni haul video that she drove to a Target out in the middle of nowhere to make sure that they would have everything in stock. Michele, bb, you already have a closet full of clothes you don't even wear, you don't need to go out of your way to just buy more.

In the land of Lady Kaka, the love triangle between Kai, Maddy, and Mooren aka Cody Rhodes is still going strong. Mooren kept going on how her and Maddy were in love and Kai stole him from her. But Kai went on twitter and told everyone that Maddy and Mooren never even dated and that Mooren is obsessed with the two of them. For as long as we have known about Mooren she complained about getting her drivers permit because it was so expensive. As of yesterday she got her permit after complaining about it forever. The reason why this is so weird is because Mooren was searching for Kai's address. Now that this crazy lady has access to a car and knows Kai's address, Kai might want to lock up house and get the foxes ready if Mooren decides to show up! Try not to feel too bad for Kai because every time she talks about her new boyfriend she always brings up how bad of a boyfriend Davit was. I guess taking noodz and getting naked on cam sites made you a wonderful girlfriend, Kai!

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