Thursday, November 17, 2011

National Online News Special- Kailyn is Nude Again?

Another nude picture of Kailyn has popped up again, but that is no surprise. It hasn't really been confirmed that the girl in the picture is her, but does look like her room and her body.

The picture

I'm sure Kai is of age in this picture, but I rather not have titties on the blog!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Davit spills the beans

So, about a week ago David's bitter lonely heart finally gave in. He started to comment on Kai's fan page basically calling her out for being a cold hearted bitch. Kai, wanting to keep her good girl image, deleted his comments pretty fast, but she was too stupid to delete Mooreen's comments.

Now that Mooreen and Davit both have something in common, hating Kaikaiz, they can finally be lovers, but apparently only Mooreen feels this way.

Two nights ago Davit decided to stop by and gave us some answers to questions we have been trying to figure out. Some people thought that Davit and Mooreen might hook up now that they are both single, but Davit made it clear that he had no intentions of dating Mooreen. But of course, Mooreen's crazy ass thought Davit wanted her vag. This is basically the same situation Maddy was in with Mooreen. They met twice and suddenly Mooreen was in love with Maddy, but now its Davit's turn.When Davit denied wanting to be with Mooreen, she copied and pasted their conversation to make Davit look like a crazy liar.

Mooreen's fake conversation with Davit

The real conversation

But the best part of Davit coming here was that he finally spilled the juicy beans on Kai.

Davit confirms the abortion Kai had when she was 2 months pregnant

Davit admitting his drug problem and why he was sent to the hospital for liver problems

How Mama Wilcher gets her money! Davit said that Papa Wilcher works for HVAC at a courthouse lolz

Does this Bowie socialite need to go to Celebrity Rehab??

Kai and Davit had a threesome with Hot Dave! :(
Anon suggested that we should now call him Discharge Dave ;)

After Davit made the comment about having a threesome, Mooreen made it so obvious that she lurks the comment section. She went on twitter and started bitching about how she no longer has feelings for the guy who had a threesome.
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