Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Trollmas!

The couple that gains 100+ pounds together, stays together. =]

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Just putting up a quick post before the comments max out. I'll edit when I get home unless another mod wants to post something.

Quick updates:
- Davit had surgery and is now recovering. He's down to 216 pounds and weighs less than Kailyn. Let that sink in.

- Molten has decided to call it quits with Keef. She called Kai the other night and lulz ensued.

- Kailyn being the shameless cunt she is, uploaded a vlog about the CT shooting. And surprise - it has ads all over it. Seems like bbgirl has no problem profiting from their deaths. Lets be real, this is low even for Kai.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Get well soon, Davit!

The most beloved Bowie Socialite of them all is in the hospital. He has been in a coma since last Wednesday. All the Pretty Ladies are thinking of you, Davit! Get well soon! <3

Kailyn hasn't said anything about this yet. She probably doesn't care.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Fallen Socialites: DUIs, Failing Livers & Free Kailyn!

Maureen has been unusually quiet lately. While most of us had hoped that she was finally getting her life together, it turns out that she was recently arrested for a DUI. We all know how horrible she is at driving when she's sober. Maryland drivers rejoice - she will most likely lose her license/permit. Her court hearing is on January 17th, the day before her birthday.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bowie Socialites have feelings too!

The blog has been speculating for awhile that Kai hasn't seen Matt in several weeks. Looks like our suspicions were right according to the pity vlog she recently uploaded.

Kailyn claims that she's been "depressed" and crying for a week straight because she misses her MIA husbint. His reason for being away? The flu - or so he says.

She goes on to say that she plans on moving into his parents house because she can't stand being away from him for long periods of time. It's safe to assume that his parents are completely unaware of these plans and that Kailyn is inviting herself into their home uninvited. Imagine the potential lulz that would ensue if such a disaster were to actually happen. I give it a month before Matts parents grow tired of feeding and cleaning up after her as she sits in his bedroom all day and continues to be useless. Let's be real though, there's no way that Kai is going to give up her comfortable life at home.

So, did Kailyns pity vlog warm your cold, black hearts or is this just classic Kai? IMO, all of her first world problems are self-inflicted and can be easily fixed if she just gets off of her wide ass. There's no reason that she can't get a job or be independent if people with severe disabilities can do it. Hello, Mooren? Enough said.

My prediction is that she'll be back to being an uppity cunt by tomorrow night after her need for sympathy and attention is filled.

Monday, November 5, 2012


A Pretty Lady was able to get into Kailyn's "business" email briefly. She saw DOZENS of emails Kai sent to companies, begging for stuff to review. Kai copy and pastes the same email to every company. Does this sound familiar, Kai?

Hello, My name is Kailyn I do beauty videos on youtube www.youtube.com/foreverkailyn I would love to try out your products & do some videos/reviews! I hope to hear from you soon, Take care

Thursday, October 25, 2012


 Sorry, Maureen. You can never get Matthew back.

Looks like no one was at the Wilcher-Hughes wedding. Just the bride, groom, and Margaret.

Also, congreats to Matt on his new job! No more night working!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Updates from some of our old favorite YouTubers

Elle&Blair (allthatglitters21&juicystar07): Blair is creepily skinny with huge tits, and both have really perfected the blank stare.  But let's be real, no matter how "famous" they get, they're still irrelevant.

Lorraine (TheCurrentCustom) is preggers!!!! Congratulations! Can’t wait to see designer baby clothes! She has a new channel about her pregnancy, TheCurrentFamily. It’s fascinating. Really.
Wonder if her stomach will look any better after pregnancy? /vom

Scumbag Tiff (makeupbytiffanyd) is still living off her rich hubby!! Congrats for being an A+ gold digger, Tiffy!

Kalel Cullen aka Kristen Smith aka KalelKitten aka japshitsensei aka liarpants (who the fuck knows what her username is now, it'll change in 5 minutes anyway): Re-did her channel/website for the 923058209 time and dyed her hair a lovely shade of tacky-teal. Comparable to the vomit that comes out after consuming too many green and blue jello shots.

MichellePhan (michellephan): Still making useless videos about different ways to wear a scarf, just in case you’re retarded and can't figure it out yourself. I call this one the lobster bib:

FatNat: Sorry bitch, not getting my views. I still fucking hate you.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Forever Cat Piss

New scandal in Bowie!

Tonight, Kailyn uploaded a review video. No big deal, right? Well the pretty ladies started looking into it since something seemed off, and it seems someone trolled Kai, hard.

[Video privated. Download it here: 

Seems like Kailyn reviewed a FAKE company and sprayed some unknown substances on herself. Body spray that smells like vinegar and salt? Oh. Kai's face says it all!

The company she reviewed is "Pink Wednesday", an 'up and coming' company that has nothing but a blog with one post.


Some of the products they offer are Scrub-a-Dub-Dub soap bar, Scrub-a-Dub-Dub Body Wash to "wash your sins away", and Eau de Felinay Body Spray, which Kai says smells like vinegar. WONDER WHY!

The products all have complex names Kai would never be able to pronounce, and then we have things like this...

"Waiting to Exhale (a light, rain scent), Giggly (a light berry), and Wendy (a fresh ozone)."

Obviously a troll nod to Kai-isms! Also, Pink Wednesday is a Mean Girls reference. "On Wednesdays we wear pink!"

No one has come forward to admit they were behind it, but it's pretty obvious the company is fake and Kai was trolled.

Enjoy your piss filled products, Kai!

P.S. This proves Kai does NOT actually use products before ~reviewing~ them. The products are all clearly brand new, and how did she not know the body spray smelled bad before filming? It was clearly her first time spraying it on herself. LOOK AT HER FACE! And since when does soap stay perfect after being used? This confirmed what a lot suspected, that Kai receives things in the mail then runs up to her room to film. She claims she's been using the soaps for 2-3 weeks... Oh really?

Kai's mad.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bowie Socialites Weekly

Nothing happened to our Bowie Socialites this week.

New discussion post since the old post was about to max out =]

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bowie Socialites Weekly

The Bowie socialites are back! Yesterday, Kailyn Wilcher-Hughes uploaded a slanderous video bashing her ex-boyfriend, Davit. She uploaded it to her 'SincerelyKailyn' Youtube channel, where she scammed herself a new Adsense account. Kailyn was banned from Adsense years ago and is never allowed to get another one, but she somehow scammed another account and has ads on her videos, making dimes. Word on the streets of Bowie is that Kailyn is using her husband's, Matthew Hughes, information.

Here is the scandalous video!

 (Sorry, Kai! No views for you! 
Go ahead and delete the video =] )

Kailyn sits there for fourteen minutes bashing Davit, calling him out on everything. Drugs, abuse, and how HE MADE her do nasty things. Kailyn is a sweet angel after all! She says her relationship with Davit was abusive and she was miserable, and that she is soooo happy with her husband Matt. Typical Kailyn and her pity vlogs. We all know how Kailyn really is, she is worse than Davit! Such a scamming, cheating, lazy, sex-addicted girl! Not the good innocent Christian lady she is trying to portray herself as now that she is married to Matt. She also says Davit was stuck in a "teen world"... says the 22-year-old who rushed into marriage, doesn't live with her husband, sees her husband twice a month, has never had a job, doesn't want a job, has no education, needs her mommy to baby her and wash her hair, and the list goes on! Give us a break, Kailyn!

This morning, Davit saw the video and made a response! He clears up things Kailyn said in her video and dishes some dirt on Kailyn. He says what we already knew, Kailyn did things on HER OWN, no one forced her, she cheated multiple times, had a 38-year-old she talked to and would cam with, and he would Paypal her money, and basically that Kailyn is NOT the innocent angel she is trying to be, never was and never will be. Wonder if Matt knows all this about his babygirl wifey!

Good for Davit! Kailyn thought she'd get away with her bullshit vlog. I bet Lisa Wilcher will be making some calls demanding to speak to Davit's parents! But Kailyn is a mature adult woman, right?

Also, Bowie's fat town whore has been reporting all re-uploads of her videos and some troll videos. She used to never care and some of the videos have been up for years, but now that she is collecting Adsense pennies, she wants all videos down, making sure people watch HER videos and she gets those pennies! She is a PROFESSIONAL guru now and can't have her good name ruined! Make sure you keep reporting Fatlyn for Adsense fraud, everyjuan!

ForeverKailyn, ForeverScamming.

Maureen Lewis decided this involves her somehow and made a video to put in her two cents, and of course bash Kailyn! She had ads up on her video when she first uploaded it, trying to profit off this drama like Kailyn, but then removed them when she was called out on how hypocritical it is, since she was bashing Kailyn for having ads and trying to make some money.

(Sorry Maureen! No views
or Adsense pennies for you either!)

Edit; Apparently Forever Fat ass reported this post and it's unavailable for some of you? I don't even know. Herro?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I know....I know

SORRY! I know I promised a blog post and didn't come through. I've been extra busy and haven't been able to check the blog comments. I can assure you it isn't because I'm lazy tho. :(

Anyway, like I said I haven't been keeping up with comments so I have no idea what you pretty ladies want the new post to be about. Please let me know so I can get it up asap.

Thanks for your feedback and sorry again!
A+ screenshot for the pretty ladies, <3 rugget

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Keep commenting pretty ladies

Sorry everywan. I had no idea the comments were maxed out. I'm not at the computer right now so a new post won't be up until later. Hope you understand!

Forever Fat has a new Adsense account on her new vlog channel. Report her for fraud here:
Google Support - Report Fraud

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rachel Meyer & The Swamp Cult

Rachel "Bunny" Meyer originally started on Youtube as a paranormal vlogger. After realizing that guru videos brought in more views, she ditched the EVPs and Ouija board for YSL Rouge Voluptes and Jeffrey Campbells. The content of her channel wasn't the only thing that changed and soon people began noticing an unfortunate shift in her personality. She went from being genuine and endearing to the shameless, obnoxious, try hard she is today. A typical "Bunny" video usually consists of a 10 minute (butthurt) disclaimer, hideous facial contortions and a sudden development of tourettes.

One thing that hasn't changed is how incredibly narcissistic and vain she is. Before becoming a self-proclaimed ~Swamp Queen~, Rachel spent her youth parading around graveyards and camwhoring as a pseudo model on Myspace (now deleted).

With Rachel’s new found Youtube "fame" among the socially inept, 12 year olds, her ego and entitlement only became worse. She soon realized that she could obtain free products from companies instead of paying for them. The realization came when she eyed an overpriced package of press-on blood decals at a Halloween store. She ran home to email the company and shamelessly beg them to send her the decals for free, in exchange for a review. Rachel has been under the impression that she no longer has to pay for ANYTHING anymore and has expected companies to send her free products ever since. She has also made it obvious that she's not above reviewing shady companies to get what she wants.

About a month ago, Rachel ordered a new pair of UNIF Hellraisers to replace the pair she had worn out. When she received them, she started complaining about the terrible quality and uploaded a 15 minute rant video. The shoes she received were made out of an entirely different material and not only had the spikes started falling out, the shoe was also covered in dry glue. Rachel believed that UNIF had cut down on the quality, though still charging the same price, because they couldn't keep up with the demand. Several of her subscribers claimed that their Hellraisers had also fallen apart and that UNIF had blatantly ignored their complaints. She deleted the video an hour later after the company bribed her with a new pair and begged her to take it down. It was obvious that UNIF didn't want bad press from Rachel because of her large following. Being the sellout that she is, she uploaded a new video defending them.

Rachel had subtly hinted at wanting a pair of Black Milk leggings for months. She hauled a pair of knock-offs at Christmas and admitted that she would never pay full price for a real pair. In July, she uploaded a sponsored review from Black Milk, raving about how they were worth the money. Despite the fact that she claimed to have worn the leggings multiple times, the huge tag was still attached to them.

Unfortunately, the free products weren't enough to satisfy her greed and she began using her "Swamp Family" for profit. She purchased a PO BOX with the obvious intention of receiving presents. After seeing the massive amounts of gifts that her subscribers were willing to send her, she started manipulating them to send even more.

Rachel would drop several hints about certain items that she wanted in hopes that her Swamp Family would catch on and send them to her. And it worked. She obnoxiously tweeted a daily countdown, the entire week before her 27th birthday, attempting to milk extra gifts out of her worshipping cult followers.

With all of the love and admiration they show their Swamp Queen, you would expect Rachel to express her gratitude and be more than willing to give back to them. The reality is that her appreciation for her Swamp Family isn't even worth a 45 cent stamp and envelope to send them a thank you letter. Rachel only cares about the income that their views provide and the attention she gets from having a large following. Further proving how little she cares about them, she showed up half an hour late to her own meet up.

Rachel is an advocate and role model for other special snowflakes who also suffer from crippling anxiety. They find inspiration in Rachel having enough courage to leave her bedroom to film vlogs in Chick-Fil-A's parking lot. She is actively boycotting Forever 21 after the horrible prejudice she experienced while having an anxiety attack in the dressing room. Additionally, Meyer is also pursuing a lawsuit against the franchise for the trauma and embarrassment they have caused her. Sephora and Urban Outfitters are rumored to be included in these claims. Please pray for her as she tries to cope during this difficult time.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Return of Fat Nat

It seems as though Natasha Neagle can't stay away from the internet for more than a few weeks. Nat has returned to Twitter, Tumblr and Youtube as a self-proclaimed DIY queen. Meanwhile, her husband is busy reblogging photos of women that he wishes his obese wife looked like.

Nat has been telling everyone that her disappearance was due to family emergencies but we all know that's far from the truth. Let's not forget the lulz that went down not too long ago.

Her restraining order against Smellen was dropped and Fat Nat came to the cruel realization that no1curr. So she drowned her sorrows in more tattoos and hair dye.

She's hardly been back for two days and is already back to her old ways.

What should you buy? How about you pay off your debt instead? Or invest in a gym membership?

She is currently unemployed and is leeching off of her husband's income while she spends her time doing useless DIY crafts and continues to put her mid-life crisis before her children. Natasha is so desperate for attention and validation that nothing can keep her away from the internet.

No proper FatNat post would be complete without a lawsuit threat. She's currently flagging down her thread on Gurugossip. It's only a matter of time before she threatens to sue the blog again... For the 5th time. Speaking of which, let's take a stroll down memory lane and lulz at all of her failed attempts to bring the blog down.

P.S. Just for you, Diva. The closest you'll ever get to having your own post.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

New post


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

icallitambrosia / Rachel Whitehurst

It’s been a little over a year since Rachel Whitehurst (icallitambrosia or Fat Rachel) has graced all of us with her bitchy presence and I don’t give a fuck attitude. The girl is a trainwreck from her evident weight-gain of at least 40 pounds in the last 2 years to her psychotic personality.

June 2009:

April 2012:

Recently, she has completely lost her mind and it has become evident she is completely crazy and lies about everything. She stared off by lying about having leukemia:

And then lied about being molested:

She then back pedaled quickly on the molestation accusations and said that it was a lie her sister told her and she believed all of it (at 17 years old, mind you). But from her post she claims that she had ~flashbacks~. Poor Rachel can’t even keep her lies straight, or decent, for that matter. More recently it has been Rachel begging for money that has made everyone hate her. When she ran for Queen of the Web, she kept going on and on about how she needed rent money and how winning would help her pay her rent:

Meanwhile the bitch is buying and buying more and more makeup palettes, hoarding neutral eye shadows and coral lipsticks. Oh and purchasing a brand new MacbookPro for her beloved boyfriend Chris.

So now Rachel’s perfect world is crumbling around her and she’s still losing her shit worse than ever. It started with her rant on high-end foundations (now privated) in which she goes on a tangent on how all high-end foundations do the exact same thing as drugstore foundations. It upset a few of her viewers who buy high-end to match their skin tone or to feel good about what they are putting on their face. Meanwhile, Rachel is yelling at the camera and telling her viewers they are stupid if they waste their money on something just because of the name. A few hours later the bitch uploads a tutorial in which she flashes her Chanel eye curler, and people begin to ask doesn’t it do the same thing a drugstore one would?

Of course she says it’s a gift from Chris, also referred to lovingly as ‘Fucker’ and ‘Asshole’ by Rachel. What’s interesting is the fact that Rachel (who is an extreme bully and completely pushes Chris around in the relationship) claimed earlier that she ‘made’ her boyfriend buy it for her.

This is the same Chris that is struggling for money and her own mother had to send him a $300 check.

After everyone starts to ask Rachel about it, she quickly puts up a new video in which she tells everyone to back off and that she only does youtube for the money. (Now deleted)

And let us not forget that talking to Rachel is a PRIVILGE. Evidentially the fact that we pay her bills isn’t enough. It should probably be mentioned that Rachel also put out a confession video recently, and it talks about how severely depressed she is. So what does the bitch do? She takes the whole fucking summer off of her real job Starbucks (lol) to lay around Chris’ basement all day. So instead of doing anything productive with her time, she lives rent free at her boyfriends’ moms house and stays up until 6 or 7 a.m. and wakes up at 4 or 5p.m. All while bitching and moaning about how she needs help making rent and all of this stuff. Meanwhile, she probably could have saved up a whole semesters worth of rent if she had just worked her lazy ass, but instead she’s a 20-year-old free loafing fat ass.

Continuing with her butthurt rage, Rachel uploaded yet another rant video on the subject:

In which she says that it's not okay to discuss her "spending habits" and then proceeds to throw other gurus under the bus for their own. Basically, the same hypocritical and self-righteous bullshit that she spews in all of her videos. If you've seen one, you've seem them all.

Rachel also broadcasted Chris' personal life and told the entire internet that he's struggling financially and can't afford to pay rent. She boasted about the money her family has thrown at him and essentially treats him like a charity project, while also throwing in the fact that his mother lost her job for good measure.

Apparently none of that matters when Fatchel needs a new Chanel eyelash curler though, right?

Keep it classy.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Blog Update

Hey pretty ladies! I just wanted to give everyjaun an update about a few changes that will happening on the blog. As most everyone knows I'll be leaving the blog =[ Sad day. The original plan was to move everyone from this blog to the livejournal after I left. A few pretty ladies suggested that we bring the livejournal mods over here instead. So, that is the new plan! The two new mods are Fupacharm (moarwalmarts) and Lilkaikaiz =] After I leave in July fupa, lilkaikaiz, piggie, and rugget will be in charge of the blog!


Friday, June 29, 2012

Hai pretty ladies

Sorry for being M.I.A. again. I'm off work tomorrow, so I'll be able to put up a post then. I just wanted to put a post up, so all the pretty ladies could still comment=]

I'm still trying to catch up with the comments.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Deja vu fail

So princess Kai dropped out of the DailyDivine. What a fucking surprise!! Everyone knew she was going to drop out sooner or later, so it was just a waiting game to see when she would actually do it.

Her excuse for dropping out is the same as it was when she dropped out of the OfficalGlamSquad, 'I'M BUTHY! SAHRRY' Apparently, this Bowie socialite is way too busy drinking her Shirley Temples and reading her teeny bopper books by the pool all day rather than making a 6 minute beauty video. Sitting by the pool must be her vacation from laying around in her bedroom watching True Blood and sucking on Maddy's cocktail wiener dick.

Of course when Kai was confronted about dropping out her stuck up attitude comes out in full force. Too bad we don't need to waste our time actually looking into her windows because this loser puts her whole life online. Kai's pea sized brain is too small to realize her whole life is a vacation! She does nothing productive all day.

If Kai couldn't look even moar retarded, Nathan TheTrueBeaut, upload a video voicing his opinion on this situation. His video explained why he was so irritated with Kai dropping out. Nathan and the other people in the collab are either in school or go to work and are still able to up quality videos. While Kailyn just sits on her fat ass all day doing absolutely nothing. He also added that Kai said she was going to be sick on Tuesday and wouldn't be able to make a video!! How does someone know that they are going to be sick days before? W T F. This bitch will make up any excuse to get out of doing anything!

Monday, June 11, 2012

My Official Glam Fail Part 2!

Mr. CaseyCouture604 has been pumping out the lulz for us in the past couple weeks and now he has possibly given us an early Christmas present with his new collab channel with Kai. Since Casey is thoo classy he named his collab channel the DailyDivine~~

Casey is going to see first hand how lazy Kai is when she doesn't put in effort into this channel. She'll probably upload one video and then come up with some lame excuse for not putting up the next video on her assigned day. "SAHHRRYY CATHY! I'M DOWN MADDTH HOUTH! *giggle exhale*" This isn't the first time Kai has dropped out of a collab channel after the first week. Two years ago she was part of the collab channel called the Official Glam Squad with Kimitoxxic and some other ghetto bitches. Kai did what she always does and made up an excuse of why she didn't upload a video on the Glam Squatters channel.

The whole story behind that can be found on Unkn0wncritic


Some people argue that Casey is just trolling with his channel because he is so over the top and clearly makes jabs at Kailyn and other top Youtube beauty gurus, but trolling or not he is raking up the subs since Kai gave him a shout out in a video. Kai seriously curses herself every time she does this because that person in the end winds up have more subs than Kai. Bunny is a perfect example of that. No one knew who she was and after Kai mentioned her she now has more subscribers than Kai!

Thursday, May 31, 2012


Kai's hoard pile got a little bigger after Palm Beach Jewelry sent her a couple items. When Kai was doing her review of the company she also included a ten dollar gift card code for her subscribers to use on the site.

<iframe width="500" height="281" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/uwruTUfuoGc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

A pretty lady from here caught on to the fact that you could keep using the same code if you used a different computer or deleted cookies from your browser. So, everyone started to make orders that would come out to zero dollars that way they didn't have to waste their money on cheap ugly jewelry. Some pretty ladies even did their good deed for the day by sending Maureen jewelry. After submitting their orders, everyone received an email saying that their orders have been confirmed.

By this point there were no disclaimers or rules anywhere in Palm Beach's policy about using a gift card code on their site.

A couple days later, some pretty ladies said that Palm Beach canceled their orders because they violated Palm Beaches policies by having multiple orders to the same address.  But one anon said she received an email from Palm Beach saying that they have been scammed by Kai because they never sent her any gift card codes. They said they are looking into this situation because they are victims of ~fraud~.  Now this might be someone making shit up, but if they actually did send Kai the code it means their trying to save their ass from sending out free packages.

No one is mad about not getting their free ghetto jewelry, but its the fact their customer service sucks, they tried to blame sweet baby Kai, and their story kept changing about why the some of the orders were canceled.

The ladies from tiny chat decided to call up Palm Beach pretending to be Maureen :)

<iframe width="500" height="281" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/6zTz3nTnoOQ" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Monday, May 21, 2012

Calling the Cyber Police OVER MAKEUP!!!!

Ok, for you n00bs who don't know a lot about Mrs. Natasha Neagle all you really need to know is that she is the most over dramatic bitch on Youtube and probably in real life too.

When Maureen's dad's court case was exposed on a public court site someone decided to check out Nat's name for shits and giggles and sure enough they found Nat and her husband's names listed. Basically, their credit card company sued them because they were not paying their bills! So, when finding this information it also included their current address and phone number. And let me remind you that is all public information found on a public site for anyone to use.



So when Nat was doing her daily lurking on this blog she found the comment that spilled the beans about her ~criminal life~ and the bitch raged like no other. She went on and on and on and on and on about how illegal it is to post someones address on the internet and how her husband was going to lose his thuper secret government job. Let me remind you that all of her information was found on a public site! Anyone could have found this information with an easy google search of her name. I'm pretty sure the FBI was not searching her husband's name on the internet and then stumbled a upon this blog.

She then went on to post a video saying that she is no longer making videos because of her haterz, aka us, are destroying her life ;) If that wasn't enough for her, she said that she is now taking legal actions against this blog to get it shut down and have the anons that posted her information arrested! Bring on the cyber police Nat. We're all shakin' in our boots.

And just to piss off Nat some more, Unkn0wncritic was reopened just when all this drama was unfolding! Thank you Camille :)


Just to irritate Nat some more, a second google search was done and we struck gold;) Apparently this couple is very happy together, but Mrs. Nat needs a female friend. Hey Nat, if y'all are looking for a young female partner just call up Kailyn:)))



Her husband's thexy tumblr: http://tattooedcountrygeek.tumblr.com/

Nat's thexy tumblr: http://findingbeautyintheink.tumblr.com/



If you try to delete anything, Nat, it has as all been screencapped and will be reuploaded :)


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Unsubscribe from Kai!!

On Kai's birthday lets try to piss her off as much as possible for being a greedy self centered bitch! Do not give her any attention tomorrow! Unfollow her on youtube, facebook, twitter, instagram, any other social networking sites she is on (which is a lot btw). You know that baby girl will rage like hell ;)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

RUN KEITH RUN!!..or waddle away!!

Now that Kai and Maddy are married Mooren must make sure that her and Keef end up the same way. Keef has recently decided to move to Florida to start taking college classes in the summer time. Of course Mooren is all up on his fupa trying to find some way to move down there with him.

Mooren will seriously find anyway to keep her man by her side. She isn't even engaged to Keef and she is already talking about having his children.

Ever since Keef went to the emergency room a couple months ago he has been ignoring all of Mooren's statuses and comments addressed to him.

Mooren will not take the hint that Keef is ignoring her because he probably realized how crazy she really is. Keefy is most likely afraid of what Mooren might do to him if he actually breaks up with her. If Mooren is still stalking the shit out of Maddy for the past 8 months just imagine what she will do to Keef if he does break up with her.
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