Monday, January 30, 2012

Maureen Elizabeth Lewis: An Exposé

Daughter of Elmore Lewis and Janice Lee Dobson. Sibling of Teresa Lewis and Nathaniel Lewis.
Works part-time at Vintage Values (phone 301-737-4884) in Lexington Park through the Center for Life Enrichment, a program that finds jobs for people with disabilities.
Graduated with a Science of Communications degree from Bowie State University
ihateoldyork Yahoo Answers account:
Plenty Of Fish account: Erica_bishoff
Those are her main profiles. She had a few more Yahoo Ans
wer accounts. Many of her old accounts are named ihateoldyork, Erica_bishoff, the_small_show, or dishonestabe. She has COUNTLESS fake accounts with random names she uses to leave Kailyn comments and stalk and harass her. Once an account is blocked, she comes right back with new accounts.
Maureen Elizabeth Lewis of Lexington Park, Maryland first appeared on GuruGossip (GuruGossip’s thread on Maureen aka Erica_Bishoff: ) when she found out Kailyn had started dating Matt on August 27, 2011. Maureen claimed Matt and her dated for months, and said she and Matt were ready to settle down together, and that she would “take care of him” and support him, since she claims he had mental illnesses like depression. Maureen encouraged people to harass Kai and made it seem like Kailyn stole Matt from her, and that she and Matt were a serious long term relationship. It was later found out that she had went on TWO “dates” with Matt, and that he had stopped talking to her and blocked her on Facebook a month before Kailyn came along. She said herself on Yahoo answers they met up twice, and that he ignored her after that and blocked her on Facebook. They were never even dating and Matt wanted nothing to do with her. Maureen is insane and continued with the delusions that she and Matt had something together. She was angry with Kailyn and would not leave her alone. She kept desperately trying to talk with Kailyn, and would say things like she thought Kai was rubbing her relationship with Matt in Maureen’s face, and why did she have to keep posting photos and videos of them together. MATT AND KAI ARE A COUPLE! Maureen always made everything about her, and thought Kai was doing something wrong to her. She even made this video making creepy weird demands to Kailyn.

This went on for a few months. Eventually, Maureen seemed to get over Matt, but she did not get over Kai. She started some weird competition with Kai in her head, and still is always trying to copy Kai, or outdo her. Maureen complained for 3 years on Yahoo Answers and other various accounts that she couldn’t afford the mandatory $325 for the Maryland driver’s test. All of a sudden in October Maureen ran out and got her permit.
She has also taken the drivers test twice now, failing both times. She is trying to get her license ASAP before Kailyn does, so she can brag about it and claim to be so much better than Kai.
Maureen also tweeted a fake story about losing her virginity to a guy named Rob at Piney Point. She claimed she bought the cheapest Trojan condoms at Walmart, and that they made her “sore”, and that Rob “crushed her” with his weight when he was on top of her. The 26 year old virgin clearly doesn’t know how sex works.
The Piney Point story came along after Maureen had started seeing Keith, some obese guy she met on PlentyOfFish. Maureen and Keith are still together. The theory is that Maureen settled for the first guy who messaged her on POF, so that she can say she has a boyfriend, like Kai. Kai goes over to Matt’s every weekend, so of course Maureen tries to be with Keith every weekend as well.

Maureen talked to Keith about getting married and having a baby as soon as they met. She is also in a hurry to find a place for her and Keith to move in together.
Kailyn showed a photo of her nails, including her engagement ring, on facebook. Right after that, Maureen showed a photo of her nails painted to look like Kai’s, and she was wearing a random ring on her ring finger.
Kai tweeted about getting her hair cut, and the next day Maureen tweeted about cutting her own hair, and dying it with green food coloring. She cut her own hair just because Kai got a haircut. Recently she has been styling her hair like Kai’s as well. She parts it and styles it exactly like hers.CREEPY.

After Christmas, Kai did a video on what she bought her boyfriend Matt, and then a video on what she received for Christmas. Maureen of course did the same thing. The videos are now deleted. Maureen had a 15 minute long video about how she got her boyfriend Keith a 5XL white tshirt off eBay, since she couldn’t find his size anywhere else, and bout “expensive” ($10) iron on transfer paper, and made a shirt for him. She said how she went to the library and printed out the paper, then ironed it on but it didn’t work well, so she went over it with sharpie markers.
In the “What I Got for Christmas” video, Maureen showed off random things from the thrift store she got for herself, since no one bought her anything. She showed things like a used 10 inch TV with built in DVD player, wrestling boots, a banket, and then the gaming system Keith got for her.
Going back to Maureen being in competition with Kai and scurrying to get her license ASAP, Maureen also went ahead and bout a van. She purchased the van off Craigslist without even test driving it. She just messaged the seller and offered $1,600 for it. She claims she bought the van for $1,000 and put in $1,500 buying new parts and repairing it. She is selling the van on ebay for $1,000. She says she can’t keep it because there is no where to park it and she doesn’t have her license and can’t even drive it. Guess she was planning on passing the driver’s test!
Even though Maureen is with Keith, she replied to someone who messaged her on POF and seemed interested. Looking for someone better than Keith?
After the blog called her out and messaged Keith about it, she went and messaged the person back to cover herself.
On Kai’s recent Blogtv she mentioned what Matt said about Maureen, and how creepy she was.

Maureen also hates that she’s black. Since we first found out about her she has said she’s HALF WHITE and that her mother is WHITE. She’s said multiple times she doesn’t like black people, and that she went to a predominately black school and hated it. She also messaged people on POF about hoping the person isn’t black, because she wants her kids to have white genes and it would be unfortunate if the dominate black genes of even a half black person was passed to her baby. On her ebay account, it shows she bought arbutin powder, which is used to make skin bleach. She always photoshops herself to look whiter, and even uses the blur tool on her hair to try and make it seem smoother/straighter.
Ever since Kai came along, it seems Maureen is taking the “white” thing even further, trying to be like Kai.
Maureen has also faked depression/suicide on twitter. The blog was talking about her and she wasn’t getting her way, so she tweeted about how she should kill herself, and if anyone had a number to a suicide hotline.
She also claimed Matt “reached right up into her vagina” on Yahoo Answers. When things weren’t going her way and no one was listening to her about Matt, and claimed Matt could press charges for stalking, she turned around and said she can say Matt raped her.
Maureen is also obsessed with WWE wrestling and Cody Rhodes. She used to always say she looked like Cody, and that her brother did too. She even said her brother looked like Cody Rhodes, and that he was hot.

In conclusion, this girl is a PSYCHOPATH. Not even half of the insane things she’s done are in this post. She has been obsessed with Kai since August, and she is STILL obsessed with her. Her obsession is getting worse. This girl needs mental help. She admitted on twitter once that she knows she needs help, and was asking for help. But of course she was doing that for pity, right after that she was back to harassing Kai and commenting about her. She will never stop harassing and stalking Kai, and she won’t realize she’s not in some competition with Kai until she gets help.

A huge thank you to the pretty anon lady who wrote this post! Also, thank you to the talented cartoon lady. Your thkillz are loved by all us <3

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Money Hungry

In an older post it was discussed that Kailyn got her AdSense back. Well babygirl only kept it for a month until Google decided to take it away AGAIN! Somehow Kailyn got her AdSense back in December, but the thing is that once you get your AdSense taken away you can never get it back. This meaning Kai got sneaky about it and probably put Maddy's name under the AdSense account. Being the greedy pig she is, she most likely started clicking her ads again. She said she didn't, but we all know how money hungry she is. It was found out that it got taken away again because some mystery Jill lady posted some information in the chat box. So, thank you mystery lady<3

Kai would always go on and on about how she is not making videos for money, but the fact that she is flipping her shit proves that she is money hungry.

Before it was discovered that Kai lost her AdSense she posted a new video that was sponsored by Mylikes. She also posted her mark store on her facebook asking people to buy from her. When she posted these two things people started calling her out for being lazy and not having a job. Baby Kai did not like this very much and decided to block everyone who did not agree her and her old obese stans.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Skinny 4 da Thummer Everyjaun!!

If you have checked Kai's twitter and facebook lately you would have noticed that she is starting her diet, again! Her wall post are nothing, but health and diet related. It seems like every hour she'll post a question about dieting. If she is too lazy to google these simple questions then you know that she is too lazy to workout!

Around this time last year Kai said that she wanted to start losing weight. Well that clearly didn't work out. If anything she actually gained weight! Babygurl got thuper excited about her new health kick. She bought, well Mama Wilcher bought ;), work out clothes and upload a video on her exercise routine. But Kailyn didn't realize that just because you are exercising does not mean that you can eat whatever the fuck you want. In her vlogs she would show us what she was eating for breakfast. She would be eating microwaved bacon, with slices of cheese, and then a fruit cup...WTF..ummmm that is not healthy kaikaiz! If she would have stuck to her diet she could have lost all the weight by now.

The famous trampoline video!

Here are some links to her weight loss videos.

Also, congrats to Davit for losing weight! U MAD KAI?

Monday, January 2, 2012

Did Kai get her Adsense back?

Ads have recently been popping up on Kai's new videos and this is making it seem like she has made partner again. The problem with that is Kai got her partnership taken away a couple years ago for clicking her own ads. So, if Kai really did get her partnership back this means that partnership is underneath someone else name, which is FRAUD!! Kai can easily have the adsense taken away again if this is true. If she really does have the partnership in someone's name it is probably Maddy's because they're getting ~married~.

Credit to the anon for this screen cap!

Kaikaiz has finally confirmed that she is engaged to Maddy Cakes! True love u guise.

Queen Kai is also painting her room :( The hot pink room that has given us so many lulz is no longer! Kai suddenly wants be all grown up because she is engaged and thinks that painting her room purple will be more mature. If she really wants to be a grown up she needs to find a job and find a house for her and Maddy, not worrying about painting her room.
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