Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fail day

Over the past year Leesha has become extremely greedy and sneaky when it comes to cashing in on youtube. Her newest set of tutorials featuring looks from the book series the Hunger Games is a good example of her trying to suck in some moar views. More views = more ad clicks = moar monaaayy. To get as many videos pumped out as she could, Leesha decided to create her looks after the 12 districts. I personally have never read the books, so I can't say much if her looks are accurate, but from what I have read in the comments the 12 districts are based upon occupations and agriculture. Apparently, making a makeup tutorial around agriculture is much easier than recreating a characters look. With all the money she will make from these videos, hopefully she will be able to afford a decent haircut and color ;)

Leesha made herself look even more retarded by posting a tweet admitting that she drank and drove home.

Obviously, she was not plastered after 3 drinks, but if she had a hangover the next morning that most likely means the alcohol had some affect on her the night she was drinking. The fact that Leesha made a poor decision, that could have ended horribly, and then turn around to post that on social media site is just truly pathetic. She has thousands of people on Twitter following her, so you would think she would be a little bit more conscious of what she posts on there. After people started to bitch her out for it she pulled a Kai and deleted all of her tweets about it.

Last week Kai posted that she had a couple of job interviews to go to. She then went on to say that she was excited to make her own money to buy things and eventually move out of Mama Wilcher's shanty. It is nice to know that she finally wants to be an adult at the age of 21!

A couple of hours later she posted an OOTD featuring her job interview outfit. Baby Kai obviously did not know how to dress properly for a job interview because she busted out her leggings and flowy fat girl typa top.

About a hour later she was already back at her house saying how great the interview went. When she started tweeting about how great the interview went people started to call her out for already being home so early. She responded that the interview was only 3 minutes long! 3 fuckin minutes! An interview would never last for 3 minutes because that is not even enough time to describe yourself and talk about your starting position. When this moron said that it was pretty obvious that she lying about applying to jobs and having an interview in the first place.

Kai got all butthurt after Nelsy released a screencap on Guru Gossip of Kai saying that she planned on applying for jobs after she moved out with Maddy. So to save her own ass, she made up this whole lie about how she got a job that way we would get off her ass about not working.

Kai then uploads one of her famous pity vlogs about her ~job~. She kept moaning about how they never called her back after they trained her.

But no one is a bigger fail than Kristin Smith! She recently posted on her facebook fanpage about a little girl who died from her abusive grandmother. This is what her dumbass wrote about the case:
Have you guys heard about the 9-year old girl who died after her Grandma made her "go run for 3 hours" since she lied about eating candy bars? I'm sorry but... WTF. I'm not doubting that the Grandma could be a crazy bitch, but she should not be counted with a murder charge. A 9 year old has enough common sense to stop running once out of sight... especially if she felt weak. This world just blows my mind sometimes.

Failel is famous for starting controversial topics and then adding her narrow minded "opinion" on it. She doesn't realize every time she does this she digs herself a bigger grave.

When people started to give her shit for comment Kristin made herself look even more retarded by defending herself with comments like this:

Kalel Cullen ‎Chrissy Nicole Wagner- if she was beaten they would have found marks on her body. There was nothing proving that the parents were abusive in the report. Everything you're saying is an assumption and in the world of law, you are innocent until proven guilty. I'm not doubting that it's possible that the Grandma was a bad guardian and deserves jail time but I don't think the death is on her hands. The girl died from dehydration DAYS later. As a 9 year old that was her decision not to drink something when she was thirsty. Now, if there was evidence that the child was abused or denied water, that is a different story.

FFs Failel she was only 9! Not only was the girl young, but she clearly had been abused before this, so she was probably scared shitless of her grandmother. Failel basically kept saying that it was the girls fault she died and not the grandmothers. Right when people really started to call her out she pulled a Kai, just like Leesha, and deleted the whole post.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hey guise! whats up? not much here =]

Guru land has been lacking in the lulz lately, so I figured I would write a quick post about all the minor things that have happened in the last week. Plus I'm going to be out of town for two days and wanted to make sure the comments didn't max out in the last post.

Youtube finally deleted inactive accounts this past week. Some youtubers were shitting themselves because this meant that their subscriber count would go down. With Youtube deleting inactive accounts we could see how subscribers these youtubers actually had and possibly see if they were buying bots.

Here is a short list of some gurus that lost subscribers
blair - 31,063
elle - 24,491
leesha - 7,383
kai - 349
kalel- 7,295
kalelnkabuki - 788
kalelcullentv - 2,959
michelle- 36,000
makeupbytiffany- 10,249

Credit to the pretty lady who kept track of the list =]

Also, xbutthurtage got her panties in a twist because her subscribers were saying that she looked better with brown hair in her new tutorial.

Leesha just can not handle the truth when it comes to her blond dyke hair. People are telling her hair is ugly because they're being for realz about it. The truth hurts bb.

When Kai upload her vlog a couple days ago, she showed Maddy's drawings on his wall. One of his drawings was Mooren stabbing Maddy to death and beheading him. After Mooren saw Madd's picture she went on twitter to say that she was calling the cops on him, again. She said she recorded her conversation with the police, but started to give a bunch of bullshit excuses why she could not upload her recordings. But knowing Mooren she was all talk and did not actually call the cops on Maddy.

Screencap from

In other national online news, one of Kai's stans, Nelsy, lost her marbles the other night and pretty much spilled the beans on Kai's and hers conversations. Nelsy was a mod in Kai's blogtv and started to have a bitch fit because Kai did let her become a mod in her other blogtv. When Nelsy got called out on it Kai did not defend her and apparently Nelsy did not like this very much. Nelsy then went to Guru Gossip and posted screencaps of their conversations. There was nothing really scandalous about their conversations because everything they talked about had already been confirmed earlier. They talked about Kai's abortion, her doing sponsored videos, and asking companies to send her free stuff. At first no one was sure if this was just a fail troll trying to start shit, but Kai herself confirmed that she had talked to this chick before. The only new scandal that came out of this was that Kai finally confirmed her abortion herself. For awhile we only confirmed it with Davit's and Robin's information.

To view the conversations go to this link

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Stalker Mooren!

Kai has finally decided to take some legal action to make Mooren STFU. Mooren's recent comments on Matt's youtube channel must have been the boiling point for Kai and Matt. Mooren went on and on about how great her life is now that she is dating Keefy and not Matt, but it typical Mooren fashion it just came out creepy and obsessive. She also wanted to make herself look innocent by saying that she was just joking about wanting Matt to live her in a van. She was trying to play the role of the victim, but it pretty much back fired in her face.

This woman tries to tell us that we're harassing her by talking about her and posting her information, but she does the same exact things to Matt and Kai. Also, if Mooren was really in love with Keefy she would leave Matt the hell alone. The fact that Mooren is still hung up on Matt just proves how fucking crazy she is.

After Mooren posted those comments, Kai then got on twitter to let everyone know what was going on. When the comments were posted here everyone started to tell Kai that she needs to go to the police and file a restraining order against Mooren. This apparently pissed Mooren off and she decided that she was going to call the cyberpolice on Matt, Kai, and US!! She said that she wrote an email to, but unfortunately for her she is too poor to pay for a case =]

Kai did stay pretty quite the whole time that was going on until she posted on twitter that she wishes that she could get Mooren's phone number that way she could talk to her before Mama Wilcher calls the popo. Kai then comes here to ask for all the screencaps of Mooren talking to Matt and her.

Here are some of the creepiest things Mooren has ever written.

Unfortunately, Kai said that the police couldn't do anything because everything was online. Sad day =[ But if Kai can't do anything about Mooren that most likely means that Mooren can't do anything about this blog, Kai, or Matt. ;)

A day later Matt wrote back to Mooren on that same video. There is no screen cap that shows what he wrote because he deleted the video, but here is the text:

maureen i have been leaving you alone for almost six months now and you still feel the need to harass the shit out of me please leave me alone i never did anything to you nor am i defaming you you are doing it to your self it is the blog not me please leave me alone i have not thought a single thought about you so i did not say anything about you you got a boyfriend now why are you still pressed on me arent you getting married to him leave me alone this will be the last messege i will ever
Frankendrost 3 minutes ago

respond to you in i never did any of that nasty shit you accused me of
and you keep on saying how sorry you are and how you will stop yet you never do?
Frankendrost 27 seconds ago

and i never did thoses disgusting things you accused me of
Frankendrost 1 minute ago

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