Thursday, March 29, 2012

I'm not fat lol

Well Kai's MFP days are over because she hasn't logged in to it in over a week. Baby girl only lasted 3 days before giving up. Some people might forget to log their food, but they are still eating healthy and exercising daily. But knowing Kai she is just scarfing down those Shirley Temple's and nachos while she is down Maddy's house and does not want to admit it. Every time Kai uploads a picture or video it seems like she has gained 5 pounds since her last upload. Her double chin, shoulders, and stomach are like a chia pet that keeps growing and growing.

Kai for ana!

Baby Juan #2 is on his way!


Kristin Smith is at it again y'all! failel has decided to change herself again for the millionth time. This time she wants to devote her entire channel to cosplay.

Failel is willing to give up her channel, QueenBeeuty, the main source of income for a new channel that she will probably get bored with in a month. She did the same exact thing when she wanted to be a FAShionista with her lame lookbooks. Failel has changed herself from being a lonely hooters girl, scenester, pokemon master, FAShionista, and now to dressing up in her favorite anime character's costumes.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Fitness Pal's newest member!

Baby Kai finally took some weight loss advice and joined My Fitness Pal. People have been telling Kai for months to download the MFP app, but she is just now starting to use it. Kai's pea sized brain is unable to think for itself, so bb needs to ask everyone for advice. After announcing to everyone on twitter that she has the MFP app she went on to ask what type of healthy foods to eat and to make food plans for her.

If Kai couldn't get any more pathetic in her ~lifestyle~ change, she then goes on to upload a picture of herself at Planet Fitness wearing makeup. Now if you're just getting out of school or work and you still have your makeup on at the gym that is fine, but it is different if you actually put on make up to go the gym. It would be somewhat understandable if Kai just had on some mascara, but this bitch had on red lipstick! red!!!

Like most people who are just starting to lose weight, Kai is pretty stupid when it comes to making healthy meals and better snack choices. This isn't really groundbreaking news to anyone because Kai showed us her ~healthy~ breakfasts last year in her vlogs. One of her meals included a random slice of cheese, microwaved bacon, and a bagel with a couple servings of cream cheese. With all the hate she got from that meal you would think that Kai would learn how to choose healthier options, but nope she went on to show her salad that was basically nothing but cheese and ranch! Kai keeps saying that she wants to lose weight, but looking at her food diary on MFP will give Kai the reason why she is not losing weight. Everything she eats is heavily processed and contains too much sodium and sugar. On top of that she will eat whatever calories she burnt off at the gym. Unfortunately the exercise diary on MFP is not very accurate, so Kai is actually eating over her calorie limit for the day.

Kailyn in 2 years ;)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


This past weekend Kai tweeted that she had a job interview on Monday, so Monday rolls around and she suddenly could not go to the interview because it was snowing. Unfortunately for Kai she can not keep her lies straight because it was only snowing in southern Maryland and Kai was no where close to that area. No job would cancel an interview because of snow. Maybe if there was a blizzard going on outside, but not for a couple inches of snow. Even with that being said it does not even matter because it was not snowing! Kai just lied again about an interview that she never had in the first place.

But the story gets really juicy once Mooren finds out about Kai's fake interview. She tweeted Kai saying that the job can not just flat out cancel an interview and they would have to reschedule it for a different time. Mooren then goes on to say that she could get Kai a job and that is when everything started to get weird. Mooren linked the picture of Kai's stomach on her twitter and Kai started going on about how someone posted her nudes from her cell phone and also how someone sent baby powder (anthrax) to her house. Kai obiviously did not click the link to look at the picture, but then goes on to ask Mooren how she had the power to get her a job. Mooren's dumb ass read the tweet wrong and thought Kai was going to send her baby powder and asked how Kai had her address. They kept bitching back and forth until Kai got thuper sassy again and blocked Mooren on twitter.

When Mooren found out that Kai blocked her she got all butthurt and started talking about her 2 day relationship with Maddy again. Maddy has always left out a bunch of details about Mooren and himself and the things he did say never made sense. Maddy has said before that he wanted nothing to do with Mooren and he thought she was creepy when he met her in person. But the pictures that have been posted before did not tell the same story.

The pictures prove that Maddy was not uncomfortable with Mooren. If he really did feel uneasy being around her he would not being taking pictures where he is touching his man junk.

Mooren must have been lurking because she started to post these photos on her twitter. After the pictures where posted Kai started defending Maddy by saying that he was really freaked out when she kissed him. Maddy is probably just trying to save his own ass with all this because he does not want to be associated with Mooren. Kai just kept pouring out lies to help cover up Maddy's story, but she was only digging herself and Maddy into a bigger shit hole. Kai must have gotten scared because she deleted her facebook fanpage and her twitter. She most likely did this so people would not be able to call her out on her lies.

To make things worse for Maddy, Mooren then posted pictures of text messages she still had saved in her phone from Maddy.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kai and her Blogtvs

Over the past couple years Kai has always brought the lulz with her Blogtvs and last weeks broadcast definitely delivered some laughs. Unfortunately, Kai suffers from the chronic bitch face while filming her Blogtvs. While Kai was giving us a stinky attitude she accidentally flashes her gorilla stomach on camera!

Right after her tummy was exposed she goes on to scarf down chips and cookies. Her attitude got worse when people called her out for eating shit food while she always wanting weight loss advice. Her response to eating the food was that she was thuper hungry because she had not eaten dinner yet. Keep working on that diet gurlfrand. Forverfat will be skinny for the thummer time!

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