Wednesday, April 18, 2012

From Wilcher to Drost...uhm...Hughes

The rumors are true! Foreverkailyn is a married woman now! Kai confirmed on twitter that she is finally married to Matthew Drost/Hughes. The lovely couple tied the knot on Friday the 13th of April. Well, if that doesn't speak volumes, I don't know what will.

Several days ago people were beginning to question whether Kai was getting hitched. She started asking her subscribers for recommendations on long-lasting lip sticks among other things. I'm not sure about all the details but I do know that the pretty ladies on the blog knew she was up to something. In one of Kai's video she had curled hair which we all know she couldn't do on her own. She also had on a ~neutral~ eye look. These two things alone made people wonder why. Why was Kai getting her hair curled by Mama Wilcher? Why did she suddenly need a long lasting lip color? Why? She was also asking if people thought bird cage veils would look nice on her. Which of course they wouldn't. So what made Kai ask all these question? Well it was because she was getting married. DUH!

On the 13th Kai posted a picture of herself in a white flowy dress and Maddy wearing a basic white button shirt with black pants and a brown belt. This led to people asking her if she and Madd were getting married but of course being the bitch she is she ignored the questions. After a long time she finally answered the questions by simply saying " WHO IN THE HECK SAID WE GOT MARRIED" She kept denying what we all knew was true. It wasn't until the following day that kaikaiz decided to come clean. She admitted that she was now Mrs. Hughes but wouldn't really give much other detail. However, looking at the picture, it seems like Mama and Papa Wilcher were not in attendance. The lovely fat couple celebrated their nuptials by going to Red Robin. lol jk.. After the weekend was over Maddy drove Kai back to her mom's house. WHAT? Soooo ~mature~ couple guise!

Now, that leaves us to wonder why they did it so soon. What happened to waiting a year or two? Hmmm? Does someone have a bun in the oven? Seriously, who the hell gets married before having their own place and a stable job?

It didn't take long for Maureen Elizabeth Lewis of Lexington Park, Maryland to find out about Kai and Maddy getting married. Her first tweet was saying how much she loves her Keefy and that Kai and Maddy were dumb for getting married so fast. If Mooren is so in love with Keef then why is she still obsessed with Maddy? Mooren is just butthurt that she has lost Maddy forever and can never get him back ;)

If Maureen has not proven to us that she is a psycho stalker in the past then the past 3 days have pretty much confirmed it. She started to harass Kai under a fake twitter under the name MoonMan. She went on saying that Maddy is going to leave her for that ~other girl~ and that Maddy and Kai will end up divorcing by the end of the year. Maureen gave herself away after she tweeted MoonMan under her original Wrestlerx2 account. She then decided to post her sob story on facebook for the billionth time.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sorry everyjaun

Hey pretty ladies! I'm sorry I haven't been around lately! I haven't forgotten about da blawg! My Internet connection keeps failing on me:( So thats why I haven't been able to put up a new post. I know I always have an excuse for never being around, but I haven't given up on you guise! Just bear with me plz:)

Love, moar<3
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