Thursday, May 31, 2012


Kai's hoard pile got a little bigger after Palm Beach Jewelry sent her a couple items. When Kai was doing her review of the company she also included a ten dollar gift card code for her subscribers to use on the site.

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A pretty lady from here caught on to the fact that you could keep using the same code if you used a different computer or deleted cookies from your browser. So, everyone started to make orders that would come out to zero dollars that way they didn't have to waste their money on cheap ugly jewelry. Some pretty ladies even did their good deed for the day by sending Maureen jewelry. After submitting their orders, everyone received an email saying that their orders have been confirmed.

By this point there were no disclaimers or rules anywhere in Palm Beach's policy about using a gift card code on their site.

A couple days later, some pretty ladies said that Palm Beach canceled their orders because they violated Palm Beaches policies by having multiple orders to the same address.  But one anon said she received an email from Palm Beach saying that they have been scammed by Kai because they never sent her any gift card codes. They said they are looking into this situation because they are victims of ~fraud~.  Now this might be someone making shit up, but if they actually did send Kai the code it means their trying to save their ass from sending out free packages.

No one is mad about not getting their free ghetto jewelry, but its the fact their customer service sucks, they tried to blame sweet baby Kai, and their story kept changing about why the some of the orders were canceled.

The ladies from tiny chat decided to call up Palm Beach pretending to be Maureen :)

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Calling the Cyber Police OVER MAKEUP!!!!

Ok, for you n00bs who don't know a lot about Mrs. Natasha Neagle all you really need to know is that she is the most over dramatic bitch on Youtube and probably in real life too.

When Maureen's dad's court case was exposed on a public court site someone decided to check out Nat's name for shits and giggles and sure enough they found Nat and her husband's names listed. Basically, their credit card company sued them because they were not paying their bills! So, when finding this information it also included their current address and phone number. And let me remind you that is all public information found on a public site for anyone to use.

So when Nat was doing her daily lurking on this blog she found the comment that spilled the beans about her ~criminal life~ and the bitch raged like no other. She went on and on and on and on and on about how illegal it is to post someones address on the internet and how her husband was going to lose his thuper secret government job. Let me remind you that all of her information was found on a public site! Anyone could have found this information with an easy google search of her name. I'm pretty sure the FBI was not searching her husband's name on the internet and then stumbled a upon this blog.

She then went on to post a video saying that she is no longer making videos because of her haterz, aka us, are destroying her life ;) If that wasn't enough for her, she said that she is now taking legal actions against this blog to get it shut down and have the anons that posted her information arrested! Bring on the cyber police Nat. We're all shakin' in our boots.

And just to piss off Nat some more, Unkn0wncritic was reopened just when all this drama was unfolding! Thank you Camille :)

Just to irritate Nat some more, a second google search was done and we struck gold;) Apparently this couple is very happy together, but Mrs. Nat needs a female friend. Hey Nat, if y'all are looking for a young female partner just call up Kailyn:)))

Her husband's thexy tumblr:

Nat's thexy tumblr:!/beautyintheink!/atattooedgeek

If you try to delete anything, Nat, it has as all been screencapped and will be reuploaded :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Unsubscribe from Kai!!

On Kai's birthday lets try to piss her off as much as possible for being a greedy self centered bitch! Do not give her any attention tomorrow! Unfollow her on youtube, facebook, twitter, instagram, any other social networking sites she is on (which is a lot btw). You know that baby girl will rage like hell ;)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

RUN KEITH RUN!!..or waddle away!!

Now that Kai and Maddy are married Mooren must make sure that her and Keef end up the same way. Keef has recently decided to move to Florida to start taking college classes in the summer time. Of course Mooren is all up on his fupa trying to find some way to move down there with him.

Mooren will seriously find anyway to keep her man by her side. She isn't even engaged to Keef and she is already talking about having his children.

Ever since Keef went to the emergency room a couple months ago he has been ignoring all of Mooren's statuses and comments addressed to him.

Mooren will not take the hint that Keef is ignoring her because he probably realized how crazy she really is. Keefy is most likely afraid of what Mooren might do to him if he actually breaks up with her. If Mooren is still stalking the shit out of Maddy for the past 8 months just imagine what she will do to Keef if he does break up with her.
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