Friday, June 29, 2012

Hai pretty ladies

Sorry for being M.I.A. again. I'm off work tomorrow, so I'll be able to put up a post then. I just wanted to put a post up, so all the pretty ladies could still comment=]

I'm still trying to catch up with the comments.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Deja vu fail

So princess Kai dropped out of the DailyDivine. What a fucking surprise!! Everyone knew she was going to drop out sooner or later, so it was just a waiting game to see when she would actually do it.

Her excuse for dropping out is the same as it was when she dropped out of the OfficalGlamSquad, 'I'M BUTHY! SAHRRY' Apparently, this Bowie socialite is way too busy drinking her Shirley Temples and reading her teeny bopper books by the pool all day rather than making a 6 minute beauty video. Sitting by the pool must be her vacation from laying around in her bedroom watching True Blood and sucking on Maddy's cocktail wiener dick.

Of course when Kai was confronted about dropping out her stuck up attitude comes out in full force. Too bad we don't need to waste our time actually looking into her windows because this loser puts her whole life online. Kai's pea sized brain is too small to realize her whole life is a vacation! She does nothing productive all day.

If Kai couldn't look even moar retarded, Nathan TheTrueBeaut, upload a video voicing his opinion on this situation. His video explained why he was so irritated with Kai dropping out. Nathan and the other people in the collab are either in school or go to work and are still able to up quality videos. While Kailyn just sits on her fat ass all day doing absolutely nothing. He also added that Kai said she was going to be sick on Tuesday and wouldn't be able to make a video!! How does someone know that they are going to be sick days before? W T F. This bitch will make up any excuse to get out of doing anything!

Monday, June 11, 2012

My Official Glam Fail Part 2!

Mr. CaseyCouture604 has been pumping out the lulz for us in the past couple weeks and now he has possibly given us an early Christmas present with his new collab channel with Kai. Since Casey is thoo classy he named his collab channel the DailyDivine~~

Casey is going to see first hand how lazy Kai is when she doesn't put in effort into this channel. She'll probably upload one video and then come up with some lame excuse for not putting up the next video on her assigned day. "SAHHRRYY CATHY! I'M DOWN MADDTH HOUTH! *giggle exhale*" This isn't the first time Kai has dropped out of a collab channel after the first week. Two years ago she was part of the collab channel called the Official Glam Squad with Kimitoxxic and some other ghetto bitches. Kai did what she always does and made up an excuse of why she didn't upload a video on the Glam Squatters channel.

The whole story behind that can be found on Unkn0wncritic

Some people argue that Casey is just trolling with his channel because he is so over the top and clearly makes jabs at Kailyn and other top Youtube beauty gurus, but trolling or not he is raking up the subs since Kai gave him a shout out in a video. Kai seriously curses herself every time she does this because that person in the end winds up have more subs than Kai. Bunny is a perfect example of that. No one knew who she was and after Kai mentioned her she now has more subscribers than Kai!

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