Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Return of Fat Nat

It seems as though Natasha Neagle can't stay away from the internet for more than a few weeks. Nat has returned to Twitter, Tumblr and Youtube as a self-proclaimed DIY queen. Meanwhile, her husband is busy reblogging photos of women that he wishes his obese wife looked like.

Nat has been telling everyone that her disappearance was due to family emergencies but we all know that's far from the truth. Let's not forget the lulz that went down not too long ago.

Her restraining order against Smellen was dropped and Fat Nat came to the cruel realization that no1curr. So she drowned her sorrows in more tattoos and hair dye.

She's hardly been back for two days and is already back to her old ways.

What should you buy? How about you pay off your debt instead? Or invest in a gym membership?

She is currently unemployed and is leeching off of her husband's income while she spends her time doing useless DIY crafts and continues to put her mid-life crisis before her children. Natasha is so desperate for attention and validation that nothing can keep her away from the internet.

No proper FatNat post would be complete without a lawsuit threat. She's currently flagging down her thread on Gurugossip. It's only a matter of time before she threatens to sue the blog again... For the 5th time. Speaking of which, let's take a stroll down memory lane and lulz at all of her failed attempts to bring the blog down.

P.S. Just for you, Diva. The closest you'll ever get to having your own post.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

icallitambrosia / Rachel Whitehurst

It’s been a little over a year since Rachel Whitehurst (icallitambrosia or Fat Rachel) has graced all of us with her bitchy presence and I don’t give a fuck attitude. The girl is a trainwreck from her evident weight-gain of at least 40 pounds in the last 2 years to her psychotic personality.

June 2009:

April 2012:

Recently, she has completely lost her mind and it has become evident she is completely crazy and lies about everything. She stared off by lying about having leukemia:

And then lied about being molested:

She then back pedaled quickly on the molestation accusations and said that it was a lie her sister told her and she believed all of it (at 17 years old, mind you). But from her post she claims that she had ~flashbacks~. Poor Rachel can’t even keep her lies straight, or decent, for that matter. More recently it has been Rachel begging for money that has made everyone hate her. When she ran for Queen of the Web, she kept going on and on about how she needed rent money and how winning would help her pay her rent:

Meanwhile the bitch is buying and buying more and more makeup palettes, hoarding neutral eye shadows and coral lipsticks. Oh and purchasing a brand new MacbookPro for her beloved boyfriend Chris.

So now Rachel’s perfect world is crumbling around her and she’s still losing her shit worse than ever. It started with her rant on high-end foundations (now privated) in which she goes on a tangent on how all high-end foundations do the exact same thing as drugstore foundations. It upset a few of her viewers who buy high-end to match their skin tone or to feel good about what they are putting on their face. Meanwhile, Rachel is yelling at the camera and telling her viewers they are stupid if they waste their money on something just because of the name. A few hours later the bitch uploads a tutorial in which she flashes her Chanel eye curler, and people begin to ask doesn’t it do the same thing a drugstore one would?

Of course she says it’s a gift from Chris, also referred to lovingly as ‘Fucker’ and ‘Asshole’ by Rachel. What’s interesting is the fact that Rachel (who is an extreme bully and completely pushes Chris around in the relationship) claimed earlier that she ‘made’ her boyfriend buy it for her.

This is the same Chris that is struggling for money and her own mother had to send him a $300 check.

After everyone starts to ask Rachel about it, she quickly puts up a new video in which she tells everyone to back off and that she only does youtube for the money. (Now deleted)

And let us not forget that talking to Rachel is a PRIVILGE. Evidentially the fact that we pay her bills isn’t enough. It should probably be mentioned that Rachel also put out a confession video recently, and it talks about how severely depressed she is. So what does the bitch do? She takes the whole fucking summer off of her real job Starbucks (lol) to lay around Chris’ basement all day. So instead of doing anything productive with her time, she lives rent free at her boyfriends’ moms house and stays up until 6 or 7 a.m. and wakes up at 4 or 5p.m. All while bitching and moaning about how she needs help making rent and all of this stuff. Meanwhile, she probably could have saved up a whole semesters worth of rent if she had just worked her lazy ass, but instead she’s a 20-year-old free loafing fat ass.

Continuing with her butthurt rage, Rachel uploaded yet another rant video on the subject:

In which she says that it's not okay to discuss her "spending habits" and then proceeds to throw other gurus under the bus for their own. Basically, the same hypocritical and self-righteous bullshit that she spews in all of her videos. If you've seen one, you've seem them all.

Rachel also broadcasted Chris' personal life and told the entire internet that he's struggling financially and can't afford to pay rent. She boasted about the money her family has thrown at him and essentially treats him like a charity project, while also throwing in the fact that his mother lost her job for good measure.

Apparently none of that matters when Fatchel needs a new Chanel eyelash curler though, right?

Keep it classy.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Blog Update

Hey pretty ladies! I just wanted to give everyjaun an update about a few changes that will happening on the blog. As most everyone knows I'll be leaving the blog =[ Sad day. The original plan was to move everyone from this blog to the livejournal after I left. A few pretty ladies suggested that we bring the livejournal mods over here instead. So, that is the new plan! The two new mods are Fupacharm (moarwalmarts) and Lilkaikaiz =] After I leave in July fupa, lilkaikaiz, piggie, and rugget will be in charge of the blog!


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