Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I know....I know

SORRY! I know I promised a blog post and didn't come through. I've been extra busy and haven't been able to check the blog comments. I can assure you it isn't because I'm lazy tho. :(

Anyway, like I said I haven't been keeping up with comments so I have no idea what you pretty ladies want the new post to be about. Please let me know so I can get it up asap.

Thanks for your feedback and sorry again!
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Keep commenting pretty ladies

Sorry everywan. I had no idea the comments were maxed out. I'm not at the computer right now so a new post won't be up until later. Hope you understand!

Forever Fat has a new Adsense account on her new vlog channel. Report her for fraud here:
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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rachel Meyer & The Swamp Cult

Rachel "Bunny" Meyer originally started on Youtube as a paranormal vlogger. After realizing that guru videos brought in more views, she ditched the EVPs and Ouija board for YSL Rouge Voluptes and Jeffrey Campbells. The content of her channel wasn't the only thing that changed and soon people began noticing an unfortunate shift in her personality. She went from being genuine and endearing to the shameless, obnoxious, try hard she is today. A typical "Bunny" video usually consists of a 10 minute (butthurt) disclaimer, hideous facial contortions and a sudden development of tourettes.

One thing that hasn't changed is how incredibly narcissistic and vain she is. Before becoming a self-proclaimed ~Swamp Queen~, Rachel spent her youth parading around graveyards and camwhoring as a pseudo model on Myspace (now deleted).

With Rachel’s new found Youtube "fame" among the socially inept, 12 year olds, her ego and entitlement only became worse. She soon realized that she could obtain free products from companies instead of paying for them. The realization came when she eyed an overpriced package of press-on blood decals at a Halloween store. She ran home to email the company and shamelessly beg them to send her the decals for free, in exchange for a review. Rachel has been under the impression that she no longer has to pay for ANYTHING anymore and has expected companies to send her free products ever since. She has also made it obvious that she's not above reviewing shady companies to get what she wants.

About a month ago, Rachel ordered a new pair of UNIF Hellraisers to replace the pair she had worn out. When she received them, she started complaining about the terrible quality and uploaded a 15 minute rant video. The shoes she received were made out of an entirely different material and not only had the spikes started falling out, the shoe was also covered in dry glue. Rachel believed that UNIF had cut down on the quality, though still charging the same price, because they couldn't keep up with the demand. Several of her subscribers claimed that their Hellraisers had also fallen apart and that UNIF had blatantly ignored their complaints. She deleted the video an hour later after the company bribed her with a new pair and begged her to take it down. It was obvious that UNIF didn't want bad press from Rachel because of her large following. Being the sellout that she is, she uploaded a new video defending them.

Rachel had subtly hinted at wanting a pair of Black Milk leggings for months. She hauled a pair of knock-offs at Christmas and admitted that she would never pay full price for a real pair. In July, she uploaded a sponsored review from Black Milk, raving about how they were worth the money. Despite the fact that she claimed to have worn the leggings multiple times, the huge tag was still attached to them.

Unfortunately, the free products weren't enough to satisfy her greed and she began using her "Swamp Family" for profit. She purchased a PO BOX with the obvious intention of receiving presents. After seeing the massive amounts of gifts that her subscribers were willing to send her, she started manipulating them to send even more.

Rachel would drop several hints about certain items that she wanted in hopes that her Swamp Family would catch on and send them to her. And it worked. She obnoxiously tweeted a daily countdown, the entire week before her 27th birthday, attempting to milk extra gifts out of her worshipping cult followers.

With all of the love and admiration they show their Swamp Queen, you would expect Rachel to express her gratitude and be more than willing to give back to them. The reality is that her appreciation for her Swamp Family isn't even worth a 45 cent stamp and envelope to send them a thank you letter. Rachel only cares about the income that their views provide and the attention she gets from having a large following. Further proving how little she cares about them, she showed up half an hour late to her own meet up.

Rachel is an advocate and role model for other special snowflakes who also suffer from crippling anxiety. They find inspiration in Rachel having enough courage to leave her bedroom to film vlogs in Chick-Fil-A's parking lot. She is actively boycotting Forever 21 after the horrible prejudice she experienced while having an anxiety attack in the dressing room. Additionally, Meyer is also pursuing a lawsuit against the franchise for the trauma and embarrassment they have caused her. Sephora and Urban Outfitters are rumored to be included in these claims. Please pray for her as she tries to cope during this difficult time.

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