Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bowie Socialites Weekly

Nothing happened to our Bowie Socialites this week.

New discussion post since the old post was about to max out =]

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bowie Socialites Weekly

The Bowie socialites are back! Yesterday, Kailyn Wilcher-Hughes uploaded a slanderous video bashing her ex-boyfriend, Davit. She uploaded it to her 'SincerelyKailyn' Youtube channel, where she scammed herself a new Adsense account. Kailyn was banned from Adsense years ago and is never allowed to get another one, but she somehow scammed another account and has ads on her videos, making dimes. Word on the streets of Bowie is that Kailyn is using her husband's, Matthew Hughes, information.

Here is the scandalous video!

 (Sorry, Kai! No views for you! 
Go ahead and delete the video =] )

Kailyn sits there for fourteen minutes bashing Davit, calling him out on everything. Drugs, abuse, and how HE MADE her do nasty things. Kailyn is a sweet angel after all! She says her relationship with Davit was abusive and she was miserable, and that she is soooo happy with her husband Matt. Typical Kailyn and her pity vlogs. We all know how Kailyn really is, she is worse than Davit! Such a scamming, cheating, lazy, sex-addicted girl! Not the good innocent Christian lady she is trying to portray herself as now that she is married to Matt. She also says Davit was stuck in a "teen world"... says the 22-year-old who rushed into marriage, doesn't live with her husband, sees her husband twice a month, has never had a job, doesn't want a job, has no education, needs her mommy to baby her and wash her hair, and the list goes on! Give us a break, Kailyn!

This morning, Davit saw the video and made a response! He clears up things Kailyn said in her video and dishes some dirt on Kailyn. He says what we already knew, Kailyn did things on HER OWN, no one forced her, she cheated multiple times, had a 38-year-old she talked to and would cam with, and he would Paypal her money, and basically that Kailyn is NOT the innocent angel she is trying to be, never was and never will be. Wonder if Matt knows all this about his babygirl wifey!

Good for Davit! Kailyn thought she'd get away with her bullshit vlog. I bet Lisa Wilcher will be making some calls demanding to speak to Davit's parents! But Kailyn is a mature adult woman, right?

Also, Bowie's fat town whore has been reporting all re-uploads of her videos and some troll videos. She used to never care and some of the videos have been up for years, but now that she is collecting Adsense pennies, she wants all videos down, making sure people watch HER videos and she gets those pennies! She is a PROFESSIONAL guru now and can't have her good name ruined! Make sure you keep reporting Fatlyn for Adsense fraud, everyjuan!

ForeverKailyn, ForeverScamming.

Maureen Lewis decided this involves her somehow and made a video to put in her two cents, and of course bash Kailyn! She had ads up on her video when she first uploaded it, trying to profit off this drama like Kailyn, but then removed them when she was called out on how hypocritical it is, since she was bashing Kailyn for having ads and trying to make some money.

(Sorry Maureen! No views
or Adsense pennies for you either!)

Edit; Apparently Forever Fat ass reported this post and it's unavailable for some of you? I don't even know. Herro?
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