Thursday, October 25, 2012


 Sorry, Maureen. You can never get Matthew back.

Looks like no one was at the Wilcher-Hughes wedding. Just the bride, groom, and Margaret.

Also, congreats to Matt on his new job! No more night working!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Updates from some of our old favorite YouTubers

Elle&Blair (allthatglitters21&juicystar07): Blair is creepily skinny with huge tits, and both have really perfected the blank stare.  But let's be real, no matter how "famous" they get, they're still irrelevant.

Lorraine (TheCurrentCustom) is preggers!!!! Congratulations! Can’t wait to see designer baby clothes! She has a new channel about her pregnancy, TheCurrentFamily. It’s fascinating. Really.
Wonder if her stomach will look any better after pregnancy? /vom

Scumbag Tiff (makeupbytiffanyd) is still living off her rich hubby!! Congrats for being an A+ gold digger, Tiffy!

Kalel Cullen aka Kristen Smith aka KalelKitten aka japshitsensei aka liarpants (who the fuck knows what her username is now, it'll change in 5 minutes anyway): Re-did her channel/website for the 923058209 time and dyed her hair a lovely shade of tacky-teal. Comparable to the vomit that comes out after consuming too many green and blue jello shots.

MichellePhan (michellephan): Still making useless videos about different ways to wear a scarf, just in case you’re retarded and can't figure it out yourself. I call this one the lobster bib:

FatNat: Sorry bitch, not getting my views. I still fucking hate you.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Forever Cat Piss

New scandal in Bowie!

Tonight, Kailyn uploaded a review video. No big deal, right? Well the pretty ladies started looking into it since something seemed off, and it seems someone trolled Kai, hard.

[Video privated. Download it here: 

Seems like Kailyn reviewed a FAKE company and sprayed some unknown substances on herself. Body spray that smells like vinegar and salt? Oh. Kai's face says it all!

The company she reviewed is "Pink Wednesday", an 'up and coming' company that has nothing but a blog with one post.

Some of the products they offer are Scrub-a-Dub-Dub soap bar, Scrub-a-Dub-Dub Body Wash to "wash your sins away", and Eau de Felinay Body Spray, which Kai says smells like vinegar. WONDER WHY!

The products all have complex names Kai would never be able to pronounce, and then we have things like this...

"Waiting to Exhale (a light, rain scent), Giggly (a light berry), and Wendy (a fresh ozone)."

Obviously a troll nod to Kai-isms! Also, Pink Wednesday is a Mean Girls reference. "On Wednesdays we wear pink!"

No one has come forward to admit they were behind it, but it's pretty obvious the company is fake and Kai was trolled.

Enjoy your piss filled products, Kai!

P.S. This proves Kai does NOT actually use products before ~reviewing~ them. The products are all clearly brand new, and how did she not know the body spray smelled bad before filming? It was clearly her first time spraying it on herself. LOOK AT HER FACE! And since when does soap stay perfect after being used? This confirmed what a lot suspected, that Kai receives things in the mail then runs up to her room to film. She claims she's been using the soaps for 2-3 weeks... Oh really?

Kai's mad.

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