Monday, November 26, 2012

Fallen Socialites: DUIs, Failing Livers & Free Kailyn!

Maureen has been unusually quiet lately. While most of us had hoped that she was finally getting her life together, it turns out that she was recently arrested for a DUI. We all know how horrible she is at driving when she's sober. Maryland drivers rejoice - she will most likely lose her license/permit. Her court hearing is on January 17th, the day before her birthday.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bowie Socialites have feelings too!

The blog has been speculating for awhile that Kai hasn't seen Matt in several weeks. Looks like our suspicions were right according to the pity vlog she recently uploaded.

Kailyn claims that she's been "depressed" and crying for a week straight because she misses her MIA husbint. His reason for being away? The flu - or so he says.

She goes on to say that she plans on moving into his parents house because she can't stand being away from him for long periods of time. It's safe to assume that his parents are completely unaware of these plans and that Kailyn is inviting herself into their home uninvited. Imagine the potential lulz that would ensue if such a disaster were to actually happen. I give it a month before Matts parents grow tired of feeding and cleaning up after her as she sits in his bedroom all day and continues to be useless. Let's be real though, there's no way that Kai is going to give up her comfortable life at home.

So, did Kailyns pity vlog warm your cold, black hearts or is this just classic Kai? IMO, all of her first world problems are self-inflicted and can be easily fixed if she just gets off of her wide ass. There's no reason that she can't get a job or be independent if people with severe disabilities can do it. Hello, Mooren? Enough said.

My prediction is that she'll be back to being an uppity cunt by tomorrow night after her need for sympathy and attention is filled.

Monday, November 5, 2012


A Pretty Lady was able to get into Kailyn's "business" email briefly. She saw DOZENS of emails Kai sent to companies, begging for stuff to review. Kai copy and pastes the same email to every company. Does this sound familiar, Kai?

Hello, My name is Kailyn I do beauty videos on youtube I would love to try out your products & do some videos/reviews! I hope to hear from you soon, Take care

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