Thursday, July 11, 2013

End of an Era

So, hi.

You're probably wondering what happened and where to go from here.

The truth is that most of us have outgrown this. The gurus are too self aware and don't provide the lulz they once used to. It's gotten a bit stale and MoarFail has run it's course.

I know that Fat Natalie, Kailyn and the other lurking fails are creaming themselves right now because they feel like they've won. This blog will remain open as an archive and will still appear every time their names are Googled. The internet will never forget about their scandals and fails. Hi, future employers!

Other blogs will pop up to pick up where we've left off, just as Moarfail did when Unkn0wncritic died.

This is it. We're done.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Natasha Neagle is at it again!

Natasha and Nick Neagle from Maryland are scamming yet again! Fatasha is mysteriously paralyzed and is asking for $10,000 in donations for medical bills. She forgot to mention how creditors are after her and Nick and are trying to garnish their wages. Fatasha has insurance, so wouldn't that cover most of her medical bills? The Neagles have also been splurging all year buying expensive items. The Neaglets each got new computers for Christmas. But now they're broke and need money.

Donation Page:

It all started when Natasha Neagle aka FatNat started spamming her IG with pictures of her amberlamps rides and being in the ER. Natasha reported being paralyzed from the waist down and doctors rushing medical tests to figure out what was wrong.

But through all of this, we have to give her some credit. She has stayed pretty neutral and calm throughout this event and only has concern over missing her beloved Internet connection and True Blood. Yeah, because being paralyzed and in the hospital is no big deal!

However, Natasha has expressed some grief over medical bills and how selfish people can be for not donating to her cause.
So they set up a donation page which currently has around $1,000.00 out of the $10,000.00 they are willing to accept from friends, family, fans, readers, and viewers.

Natasha is now at a Rehab Center for Spinal Injuries.

This is the most current update from Nick, Natasha's husband.
But this attention seeking is no surprise to some of us on the interwebs. Natasha is the same girl who was found seeking a young girl for her & her hubby to "satisfy Nat's womanly touch needs" on the Internet. Natasha's nipple was also one of the TMI information that was found, and she raged when her personal information was found and released, including public records.

This girl is fierce and can certainly afford a lawyer!

The records stating the Neagles are in debt.
Moar records.

But let's keep in mind that Natasha has had surgery before.

She's clearly not new to this, and hopefully covered by her husband's insurance right?

Even her husband Nick has had knee surgery! According to a simple Google search, knee surgeries range from $2,000 to $10,000- but most insurances cover them.

But even before and after these surgeries (and in general), the Neagles have been able to splurge on several items.

Nat has even been able to keep adding tattoos!

It also appears that Nick currently has had no problem buying $40 arrangements for his wife.

So is this donation page to pay off debt? Or to truly help Natasha and her mystery diagnosis?


Welcome Back!

Well, the other blog didn't last long. MoarFail is back!

P.s. Kailyn Wilcher started blogging again. Sounds like a 9 year old runs her fail blog.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

RIP MoarFail

There is a new blog!

MoarFail is staying up as an archive, like UC. All the Kai drama is safe!  Go to the new blog to comment. This is the only way to get new mods without risking MF being deleted and all the years of Kai drama disappearing.

If that blog doesn't work out, everyone can come back here. Just email me if comments need to be turned back on.

Bai everyjuan!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Kristin Smith is at is again!

Kristin Smith (born March 30, 1989) AKA "Kalel Cullen"; otherwise known as the self-proclaimed girlfriend of Anthony from SMOSH, has once again given us something to laugh about.

This week Kristin, being her usual self, has decided for the millionth time to abandon yet another youtube channel. Doesn't that remind you of someone else we know? *cough* Kai *cough*

Kalel has been through at least 5 youtube channels since she started including QueenBeeuty, KalelCullenTV, kalelnkabuki, Cozplai, cozplaisensei and Wonderlandwardrobe. If that's not enough, she has now started a new daily vlogging channel with Anthony (we'll have to see how long this one lasts)

You may be asking… What's Kalel's reason for leaving her current channel Wonderlandwardrobe? Well the answer is simple, because she's trying to become a "professional designer" LULZ. Have you heard anything more ridiculous? No sewing experience and no college degree… Does she really think anyone is going to take her designs seriously? My guess is Anthony will be funding this new dream of hers with factory workers from china…

Now that Kalel is the "Professional" she is claiming to be, she won't have time to do videos on Wonderlandwardrobe… Funny considering that now she is filling her time vlogging the day away with her boyfriend Anthony… And we have yet to see any progress on her "work" she is claiming to be doing in designing and sketching.

And undoubtably, her new "career path" in design is the reason for dyeing her hair back to brown. She is quoted in her video as saying that it was a "mix up and a big mess" when she tried to dye it purple.

No one is buying that story at all bebe... Wasn't she was quoted as saying "My hair makes me unique and different"????… *rolls eyes*

Kalel doesn't seem to grasp the fact that no one in the fashion industry is going to take her seriously, regardless of what her hair looks like. You'd have to be Helen Keller to want to wear anything she designs.

Give this new career path a few weeks before bebe changes her mind to become a circus performer, magician or another failed attempt at becoming a socialite. :)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

New Post!

This new post is brought to you by Demon Kai!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

ForeverKailyn, Forever Fat Scammer

Looks like Kailyn Marie Wilcher-Hughes, obese wife of Matthew Todd Hughes, scammed herself another Youtube network partnership or adsense account. Her shitty videos have ads on them. No wonder the fatty has been rearranging her makeup hoard and buying new lights and a backdrop. That's not going to make you more professional, Kai! Everyone make sure you report the fat FAS rere! =]

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bowie Socialites Weekly

Kailyn Wilcher thinks she's more professional with her new filming backdrop and setup, too bad her videos are the same old FAIL GURU bullshit no one takes seriously. I think they actually got worse, like she isn't even trying anymore. She filmed ANOTHER perfume collection video, for the 40th time. She's also been extra FASy in her latest videos. New meds, Kai?

Maureen Lewis found herself a new white whale. They fucked on the second date.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bowie Socialites Weekly: Volume #374

BREAKING: Kailyn Wilcher Gets New Set Up/Paparazzi Photo

Booie socialite ForeverKailyn finally moved her youtube filming area closer to her dungeon window. This comes after 6 years of relentless fist pounding at the suggestion and shouting "I CANT MY BED IS IN FRONT OF MY WINDOW THERE'S NO ROOM! NO ROOM!"

Her husbant Madd is supportive of his bbgirl's decision, even doing his part by dropping off her new room divider

 Speculators say this is yet another fail attempt to be taken seriously as a youtube beauty guru.

Her latest I <3 Spring Tag shows off the new natural lighting.

Where the fail happens:

In other non-exciting news, Kai recently met up with another youtuber, arielseastar. The two were spotted fleeing from paparazzi while bargain shopping at TJ MAXX.

Socialites waddling around Bowie's luxury shopping center

Hot new FAS best friends, socialite Kailyn Wilcher-Hughes and Marina Ariel SeaStar.

53 year old country couple Matthew and Kailyn Hughes recently celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary! 
❤ True Lahv! ❤

Monday, April 22, 2013

Akaydoll / Kayla Lashae / Makayla Holmes / Ratchet

Akaydoll, or Kayla Lashae / Makayla Holmes is a fail guru who's recently been brought to the blog's attention. She's friends with Kristee aka Shrek (strawberryelectric48), and that massive fail Cici (thatssociciyo). She was taking online college courses but dropped out to focus on her youtube "career". She actually tried to act like she went to campus everyday, but got called out. She lives at home with her mommy. She is 21 but acts like a 16 year old, and tries to keep up with and befriend all the teen gurus. 
Kayla is super lulzy because of how hard she tries. She always clings onto people and starts copying them. She also hears random 'ghetto' slang (ratchet, swag, yolo, going ham) and then uses it all the time - but always incorrectly. So embarrassing! She's obsessed with Tyler, the Creator currently and repeats song lyrics 24/7 and blasts his music when she vlogs in her car.
Recently, she went to IMATS with other youtubers (all teenagers), and they all turned on her because she was super annoying and selfish. They also called her "grandma" the entire time and made jokes, but Kayla tried to play it off and act like it was just a cute nickname. Kayla was staying with lagunabeachlove10, and invited herself to stay longer than she originally planned. After the trip, drama all unfolded on twitter. Lagunabeachlove and all her friends took jabs at Kayla and subtweeted her, and eventually started completely ignoring her. No one would say what happened or why they weren't talking to Kayla anymore. Kayla was suppose to go to IMATS NY with them, but cancelled last minute and started saying she was never going because she didn't financially plan it properly.

Now she's saying she didn't go because she's moving to LA in a few weeks. She supposedly got a ~social media~ job somewhere, and will be working 9-5 in an office. She won't give any other details. Some people think it's a position with Maker Studios.  She found an apartment online, and hasn't even seen it in real life, just in photos. That should end well. In the video she says that she reached her dreams by reading positivity books and working on herself - LOL. She started reading positivity books like 2 weeks ago.
[Kayla posing awkwardly to make sure her tiny tattoo is visible]

Kayla's self-written biography is super lulzy. She takes herself way too seriously and actually thinks she's a career woman of sorts. It almost sounds like something Mama Wilcher would write for Kailyn. It's also on her LinkedIn profile. She is so delusional. She wants to focus on social media and find a career solely doing that. ~social media guru~

"Kayla Lashae was born on August 21, 1992 in the Washington, DC area. She created her YouTube channel, Akaydoll, in 2008 and is now a partnered content creator with Maker Studios.
Kayla is no stranger to social media. Having spent four years as a vlogger on YouTube, she has learned the importance of networking and creativity. Being a vlogger Kayla is responsible for producing her own video and web content, editing her raw footage and communicating with her many viewers.
Kayla offers a wide range in video content such as beauty, fashion, entertainment, healthy living, music, self-help, how-to’s and lifestyle. By being fun, positive and relatable to her audience Kayla represents the “every day” girl. Kayla has a featured article on, is an ambassador for Clean & Clear and is certified in customer service and sales."

No one knows what "certified in customer service and sales" means, probably because nothing like that even exists.

Her social media profiles (that she is supposedly an expert in) are full of lulz. All she does is be a try-hard and make a fool of herself. Like this:
(Unfortunately it looks like she deleted the infamous "ratchet bubble tea" Vine). And on her instagram.
[long-lost Lewis siblings?]

[Kayla creeping]

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The fuck happened?

Friday, April 5, 2013

Queen Kai Returns?

Our queen is slowly making her return back to the internet. She was spotted with a new Instagram account looking fatter than ever. Not surprising, she's still hoarding and appears to still be living in her lavender dungeon. Hi Kai! We know you're dying to come back. =]

Sorry for the shit post. Not much has been happening lately.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Lorraine Stanick Pussy

So Lorraine and her petite gentle faggot husband, Brian, are expecting their baby in a few weeks. The baby is due in the beginning of April.

A lot of people think she'll be a fail mother. All she talks about is baby clothes and dressing her baby boy up. Brian and Lorraine don't seem to realize how much work a baby is. She's already hoarded all sorts of designer baby items and crammed it in their tiny one bedroom condo.

She's also been talking a lot about her hospital bag and what to pack. She thinks she'll have time to do her makeup and get glammed up for photos. Such a whackadoodle loon!

Let's all pray the poor baby doesn't inherit her hooded eyes, puffy face, or big nose--or Brian's obesity. He used to be overweight, he said on blogtv he lost 60 pounds. That same blogtv Lorraine also claimed to be 27. I don't think she's lying, but girlfriend looks like she's pushing 40. No expensive beauty product is saving her.

[Sorry GuruGossip, no 'Lorraine Stanick shaving her pussy' pics here. Keep googling!]

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Oven Mitt...Genius Innovation...Say What?

Since Queen Kai is no longer making videos how about we change it up a bit?

In the last few days we have witnessed some serious fist pounding. You would expect this rere outburst from Kai. However, the person delivering the pounding is none other than Sigma's very own Simone or as we know her Fatty Simone.

Nat Neagle's twin sister has been raging for days because of the negative response her so called ~genius innovation~ has been receiving.  The item everyone is talking about  is Shitma's "Spa Brush Cleaning Glove" . Basically, its a glorified rubber oven mitt with ~unique~ ridges that supposedly clean makeup brushes like no other.

Recently, Goss Makeup voiced his honest opinion about the product which of course Simone did not like. You see, when it comes to Sigma you either say something nice or you say nothing at all. Well, unfortunately for Shitma, Goss was not having any of that. He took to his Youtube to talk about what a horrible product the spa glove really is.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Where has our favorite socialite gone?

On February 7th, Kailyn uploaded a few videos before leaving with Matt for the weekend. Matt is known to be controlling and restricts her internet access while she visits. Everyone assumed that was the reason for her silence. The weekend passed and there was still no word from Kai. Since Valentines Day was coming up, it was possible that Kai was staying longer so that they could spend it together.

Typical Kai would have obnoxiously Instagrammed every detail of their V-Day and bragged about the (cheap) gifts that Matt bought her. So when Kai still hadn't returned - it was obvious that something was up. The Pretty Ladies began to speculate about the potential scandal that was brewing in Bowie.

Much to our surprise, Kailyn returned the following day when she was featured in the new episode of Willams Beatdown. She pretended to be unbothered by it and claimed to be busy looking for apartments with Matt.

Friday, February 15, 2013

ForeverKailyn on Willam's Beatdown!

So Kailyn has been missing all week. Everyone was wondering why and thought she was locked up in Matt's room. Nope, she was just depressed because The Stylish and Willam featured Kai on Willam's Beatdown. They must have told her she'd be on it.

Everyone started talking about the video as soon as it was uploaded, then Kai finally broke her silence and tweeted that more videos were coming right after. ForeverLurking. Guess her mini hiatus WAS over Willam's video.

Not just the blog thinks you're a FAIL GURU, Kai!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Thursday, January 31, 2013

MoarFail Book Club!

The Pretty Ladies started a book club!

After many discussions about books, people expressed interest in a book club, so a nice Pretty Lady started a group on GoodReads.

If you like reading and want to join click the link down below to join the group!

moar books
moar books 18 members A group in which the pretty ladies of the blog read books and discuss them.

Books we've read

View this group on Goodreads »

The group is open for now, but the Pretty Lady will probably make it private soon.

Monday, January 21, 2013

ForeverManipulating... and Failing

Oh Kailyn, Kailyn, Kailyn. What are you doing?

Yesterday (January 19), Kailyn uploaded a random photo of her "fresh out of the shower", and everyone immediately pointed out her top and the towel on her shoulders, which make it pretty obvious she didn't shower, and just got her hair washed in the Shanty shampoo bowl by her mother. Guess the Pretty Ladies were right, because Kai ran to delete the photo off instagram. Everyone knows Kai has her mother bathe her and washes her hair in the shampoo bowl, and she doesn't take showers. Kai has admitted it before. There's a reason she always looks so greasy when she's at Matt's for a few days. The only reason she even posted the shower pic was because people were saying she never showers, just hours before she posted it. Kai has been lurking super hard lately and runs to try and prove us wrong.

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