Thursday, February 28, 2013

Oven Mitt...Genius Innovation...Say What?

Since Queen Kai is no longer making videos how about we change it up a bit?

In the last few days we have witnessed some serious fist pounding. You would expect this rere outburst from Kai. However, the person delivering the pounding is none other than Sigma's very own Simone or as we know her Fatty Simone.

Nat Neagle's twin sister has been raging for days because of the negative response her so called ~genius innovation~ has been receiving.  The item everyone is talking about  is Shitma's "Spa Brush Cleaning Glove" . Basically, its a glorified rubber oven mitt with ~unique~ ridges that supposedly clean makeup brushes like no other.

Recently, Goss Makeup voiced his honest opinion about the product which of course Simone did not like. You see, when it comes to Sigma you either say something nice or you say nothing at all. Well, unfortunately for Shitma, Goss was not having any of that. He took to his Youtube to talk about what a horrible product the spa glove really is.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Where has our favorite socialite gone?

On February 7th, Kailyn uploaded a few videos before leaving with Matt for the weekend. Matt is known to be controlling and restricts her internet access while she visits. Everyone assumed that was the reason for her silence. The weekend passed and there was still no word from Kai. Since Valentines Day was coming up, it was possible that Kai was staying longer so that they could spend it together.

Typical Kai would have obnoxiously Instagrammed every detail of their V-Day and bragged about the (cheap) gifts that Matt bought her. So when Kai still hadn't returned - it was obvious that something was up. The Pretty Ladies began to speculate about the potential scandal that was brewing in Bowie.

Much to our surprise, Kailyn returned the following day when she was featured in the new episode of Willams Beatdown. She pretended to be unbothered by it and claimed to be busy looking for apartments with Matt.

Friday, February 15, 2013

ForeverKailyn on Willam's Beatdown!

So Kailyn has been missing all week. Everyone was wondering why and thought she was locked up in Matt's room. Nope, she was just depressed because The Stylish and Willam featured Kai on Willam's Beatdown. They must have told her she'd be on it.

Everyone started talking about the video as soon as it was uploaded, then Kai finally broke her silence and tweeted that more videos were coming right after. ForeverLurking. Guess her mini hiatus WAS over Willam's video.

Not just the blog thinks you're a FAIL GURU, Kai!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

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