Friday, March 15, 2013

Lorraine Stanick Pussy

So Lorraine and her petite gentle faggot husband, Brian, are expecting their baby in a few weeks. The baby is due in the beginning of April.

A lot of people think she'll be a fail mother. All she talks about is baby clothes and dressing her baby boy up. Brian and Lorraine don't seem to realize how much work a baby is. She's already hoarded all sorts of designer baby items and crammed it in their tiny one bedroom condo.

She's also been talking a lot about her hospital bag and what to pack. She thinks she'll have time to do her makeup and get glammed up for photos. Such a whackadoodle loon!

Let's all pray the poor baby doesn't inherit her hooded eyes, puffy face, or big nose--or Brian's obesity. He used to be overweight, he said on blogtv he lost 60 pounds. That same blogtv Lorraine also claimed to be 27. I don't think she's lying, but girlfriend looks like she's pushing 40. No expensive beauty product is saving her.

[Sorry GuruGossip, no 'Lorraine Stanick shaving her pussy' pics here. Keep googling!]

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