Monday, April 22, 2013

Akaydoll / Kayla Lashae / Makayla Holmes / Ratchet

Akaydoll, or Kayla Lashae / Makayla Holmes is a fail guru who's recently been brought to the blog's attention. She's friends with Kristee aka Shrek (strawberryelectric48), and that massive fail Cici (thatssociciyo). She was taking online college courses but dropped out to focus on her youtube "career". She actually tried to act like she went to campus everyday, but got called out. She lives at home with her mommy. She is 21 but acts like a 16 year old, and tries to keep up with and befriend all the teen gurus. 
Kayla is super lulzy because of how hard she tries. She always clings onto people and starts copying them. She also hears random 'ghetto' slang (ratchet, swag, yolo, going ham) and then uses it all the time - but always incorrectly. So embarrassing! She's obsessed with Tyler, the Creator currently and repeats song lyrics 24/7 and blasts his music when she vlogs in her car.
Recently, she went to IMATS with other youtubers (all teenagers), and they all turned on her because she was super annoying and selfish. They also called her "grandma" the entire time and made jokes, but Kayla tried to play it off and act like it was just a cute nickname. Kayla was staying with lagunabeachlove10, and invited herself to stay longer than she originally planned. After the trip, drama all unfolded on twitter. Lagunabeachlove and all her friends took jabs at Kayla and subtweeted her, and eventually started completely ignoring her. No one would say what happened or why they weren't talking to Kayla anymore. Kayla was suppose to go to IMATS NY with them, but cancelled last minute and started saying she was never going because she didn't financially plan it properly.

Now she's saying she didn't go because she's moving to LA in a few weeks. She supposedly got a ~social media~ job somewhere, and will be working 9-5 in an office. She won't give any other details. Some people think it's a position with Maker Studios.  She found an apartment online, and hasn't even seen it in real life, just in photos. That should end well. In the video she says that she reached her dreams by reading positivity books and working on herself - LOL. She started reading positivity books like 2 weeks ago.
[Kayla posing awkwardly to make sure her tiny tattoo is visible]

Kayla's self-written biography is super lulzy. She takes herself way too seriously and actually thinks she's a career woman of sorts. It almost sounds like something Mama Wilcher would write for Kailyn. It's also on her LinkedIn profile. She is so delusional. She wants to focus on social media and find a career solely doing that. ~social media guru~

"Kayla Lashae was born on August 21, 1992 in the Washington, DC area. She created her YouTube channel, Akaydoll, in 2008 and is now a partnered content creator with Maker Studios.
Kayla is no stranger to social media. Having spent four years as a vlogger on YouTube, she has learned the importance of networking and creativity. Being a vlogger Kayla is responsible for producing her own video and web content, editing her raw footage and communicating with her many viewers.
Kayla offers a wide range in video content such as beauty, fashion, entertainment, healthy living, music, self-help, how-to’s and lifestyle. By being fun, positive and relatable to her audience Kayla represents the “every day” girl. Kayla has a featured article on, is an ambassador for Clean & Clear and is certified in customer service and sales."

No one knows what "certified in customer service and sales" means, probably because nothing like that even exists.

Her social media profiles (that she is supposedly an expert in) are full of lulz. All she does is be a try-hard and make a fool of herself. Like this:
(Unfortunately it looks like she deleted the infamous "ratchet bubble tea" Vine). And on her instagram.
[long-lost Lewis siblings?]

[Kayla creeping]

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The fuck happened?

Friday, April 5, 2013

Queen Kai Returns?

Our queen is slowly making her return back to the internet. She was spotted with a new Instagram account looking fatter than ever. Not surprising, she's still hoarding and appears to still be living in her lavender dungeon. Hi Kai! We know you're dying to come back. =]

Sorry for the shit post. Not much has been happening lately.

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