Saturday, May 25, 2013

ForeverKailyn, Forever Fat Scammer

Looks like Kailyn Marie Wilcher-Hughes, obese wife of Matthew Todd Hughes, scammed herself another Youtube network partnership or adsense account. Her shitty videos have ads on them. No wonder the fatty has been rearranging her makeup hoard and buying new lights and a backdrop. That's not going to make you more professional, Kai! Everyone make sure you report the fat FAS rere! =]

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bowie Socialites Weekly

Kailyn Wilcher thinks she's more professional with her new filming backdrop and setup, too bad her videos are the same old FAIL GURU bullshit no one takes seriously. I think they actually got worse, like she isn't even trying anymore. She filmed ANOTHER perfume collection video, for the 40th time. She's also been extra FASy in her latest videos. New meds, Kai?

Maureen Lewis found herself a new white whale. They fucked on the second date.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bowie Socialites Weekly: Volume #374

BREAKING: Kailyn Wilcher Gets New Set Up/Paparazzi Photo

Booie socialite ForeverKailyn finally moved her youtube filming area closer to her dungeon window. This comes after 6 years of relentless fist pounding at the suggestion and shouting "I CANT MY BED IS IN FRONT OF MY WINDOW THERE'S NO ROOM! NO ROOM!"

Her husbant Madd is supportive of his bbgirl's decision, even doing his part by dropping off her new room divider

 Speculators say this is yet another fail attempt to be taken seriously as a youtube beauty guru.

Her latest I <3 Spring Tag shows off the new natural lighting.

Where the fail happens:

In other non-exciting news, Kai recently met up with another youtuber, arielseastar. The two were spotted fleeing from paparazzi while bargain shopping at TJ MAXX.

Socialites waddling around Bowie's luxury shopping center

Hot new FAS best friends, socialite Kailyn Wilcher-Hughes and Marina Ariel SeaStar.

53 year old country couple Matthew and Kailyn Hughes recently celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary! 
❤ True Lahv! ❤

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